underscore in a sentence

Example sentences for underscore

The findings underscore doctors' recommendations that people take multivitamins.
Showing up on time is a simple but effective way to underscore your professionalism.
Yet, this month's disasters underscore how much more the system still needs to change-along with the politicians guiding it.
These stories underscore how far and deep the science of chemistry reaches into our modern life.
We have now had three attacks, in one year, that underscore the fundamentally untrustworthy nature of routing.
But they also underscore the history of a brand and educate residents of what will soon be the world's largest luxury market.
They underscore a debilitating situation for educators trying to sustain the arts in the secondary school curriculum.
It was as important to him as it was to them to underscore the horror and futility of it.
The garden's orchids, bromeliads, palm and guava trees underscore the tropical locale.
These incidents are rare, but they underscore the risk of trusting a third party to secure your data over the web.
Do something to underscore that you don't take staff support for granted.
Odd as this may sound, it all attests to the resiliency of virtual private servers rather than underscore any fundamental flaws.
Modern findings and developments in genomics are fascinating and underscore the truth of evolution.
Brief heroic deeds are followed by long speeches that underscore the importance of their discoveries.
One reason for the census is to underscore the need for protection of these rare creatures.
These underscore the scarcity of great art available.
Share this policy with your workers, and underscore your commitment to safety.
Again, such subtle differences underscore the importance of reading the prospectus to make sure you know what you're buying.
Andy is coming to visit you to underscore that he is alive and well though in another plane of existence.
But other events underscore the extent to which the political dynamic is changing.
You're looking for a rousing pop anthem to pump up your troops and underscore your message.
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