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Genetics came along and knocked the underpinnings out from under the biological constructions of race.
What seems increasingly clear, however, is that the drive to overeat has strong biological underpinnings.
More common characteristics such as loyalty, tenaciousness, or the instinct to herd clearly have genetic underpinnings.
The presentation aimed to introduce the historical and cultural underpinnings of tattoo art.
Certainly, its intellectual underpinnings and signature method of operating are easier to identify than its goals.
It can be helpful to learn a bit more about the financial underpinnings of your school.
Most are adequate at doing high school physics, say, but have no real meaningful understanding of the theoretical underpinnings.
What is astonishing is how little consideration public policy makers give to the underpinnings of terrorism.
The pair think they've mapped the mathematical underpinnings of its rigidity.
Lem prefers comic speculations that dive deep into the social and ideological underpinnings of science.
Such rapid carpentering has created some rickety underpinnings.
Even legislation aimed at reducing violent crime has been subverted by the legal underpinnings of the drug war.
The neurological underpinnings of the condition-how the brain connects two usually distinct senses-have remained a mystery.
But as it turns out, the chimp brain and the human brain differ hardly at all in their genetic underpinnings.
Scientists are also using surgery patients to investigate the neural underpinnings of language.
These revelations about the underpinnings of the disease have in turn led doctors to rethink the prevalence of the disorder.
The ultimate goal is to grasp the underpinnings of the disorder.
The theoretical underpinnings of cold fusion have yet to be adequately explained.
And the history of science shows that often you can't go after the underpinnings in a direct way, either.
Yes, evolution explains some of the underpinnings of morality.
Thus universality of free-fall, or equivalence, is one of the theoretical underpinnings of relativity.
Yet if one-offs can so easily depress growth, that only underlines how fragile the economy's underpinnings are.
But it is a concept that sits ill with the theoretical underpinnings of modern macroeconomics.
Almost every aspect of modern life relies on scientific underpinnings, from medicine to it and from agriculture to energy.
And that spills over into the economic underpinnings of plot lines.
The underpinnings of the conflict have shifted from the cold war to the war on terror.
Probing deeper beyond the superficial methods and metaphors of the artist's world, are the underpinnings of the culture.
All psychological underpinnings of economics have this bifurcating morality.
The designer's views on fashion and luxury still form the underpinnings of those global businesses today.
Reeves life was full of complex psychological underpinnings.
The heavy waves were breaking under homes, damaging underpinnings and ripping porches and steps from the structures.
For now, the underpinnings of the concept are intended to be much fancier.
The dramatic possibilities of the material are weak at best, and its satirical underpinnings are nowhere to be found.
Lava ejected from those narrow chains of seafloor volcanoes produce the rocky underpinnings of all oceans.
The discovery marks the start of an effort to explore the genetic underpinnings of vocal learning.
The clear key to this progress has been advances in understanding the scientific underpinnings of plasmas and of fusion science.
And yet the condition's genetic underpinnings have stubbornly resisted discovery.
Two linguists believe they know the genetic underpinnings for these differences.
Teach them the theoretical underpinnings afterward, when they can appreciate them.
There are many excellent books about the history and the philosophical underpinnings of quantum mechanics.
Besides mentioning it the authors don't explore the biological underpinnings in their article.
Gender differences, brain size, intelligence and even bizarre teenage behavior all have underpinnings in neural anatomy.
It's often difficult to tease apart the cultural and biological underpinnings of a behavior in humans.
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