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While you eat, regular traffic still flows underneath the floor of the restaurant.
The long-lost dinosaur was sitting right underneath paleontologist's noses for decades.
Since prehistoric times, locals have scratched away the topsoil from these hills to expose the chalk underneath.
Underneath us, the rocks got looser and the amount of vegetation decreased.
Stop cutting off their tops to get to the coal and minerals underneath.
But what really intrigued the researchers was the diversity of experiences underneath that general pattern.
Underneath the blue items are different aspects of that objective.
So librarians find ottomans from other parts of the room dragged underneath the chairs for support.
Remember that runs underneath your clothes don't count.
And the concrete plaza next to the library, which serves to cover a walkway underneath, has major problems with leaking.
Yesterday, for example, cut and dug out some wisteria to find four old-style azaleas and two aucubas underneath.
More importantly, they tend to wear their jeans with the waistband pulled down, so good boxers underneath are helpful.
Low-profile storage is provided underneath the windows so to not obstruct the view.
The leaves are gray-green on top and a felt-textured white underneath, and they're rolled up at the edges to expose lots of it.
Two square cabinets on casters, tucked underneath provide storage.
Attach the center back support by driving screws up through the seat from underneath.
Lovely core of pear and crisp apple flavors, with rich yeastiness underneath and effervescent lemon on top.
The frame is set on bricks placed in each corner to keep it off the ground and letting air circulate underneath.
Underneath the endothelium is the wavy elastic lamina.
His other fingers close underneath and hold the handle tight.
Popular belief imagined an abyss underneath, to swallow up the unworthy and the unbelieving.
To guard against this, a thick and well-stuffed doublet was worn underneath, under which was commonly added an iron breastplate.
The firemen appeared, and stretched a net underneath.
His head-underneath the fake surgical band-ages-is as smooth and hairless as a moonstone.
And underneath it all was a breezy, unthinking optimism, that prices could only ever go up.
Underneath the nonsense, though, is a decent film struggling to emerge.
Eleven workers were lost, and several days later it became apparent that the well underneath had begun to leak.
Shake the walls and they crumble, so that the concrete falls and crushes anyone underneath.
Fitting wind-deflecting devices underneath a trailer can make a big truck more aerodynamically efficient.
The second reason is that, underneath all the new rhetoric, the airline business could actually get bloodier.
And in our country's case, there was so much filth underneath that it's going to be a long way to happy.
The glaciers in the background grind the rocks underneath as they melt in the summer and produce rock flour.
Adults are pale gray above, pale rufous underneath, with the head appearing light at a distance.
They typically hide underneath leaves and branches so you have to be intentionally looking for them to find them.
When magma underneath the mountain cooled and the temperature dropped, the anhydrite began to dissolve.
The flies swoop down on ants, depositing an egg underneath their skin.
The complex was located underneath homes and was probably accessed through the floors.
Pressure builds and the water lubricates the ice, so it slides more quickly over the bedrock underneath.
But to see the flag walking, with ten feet sticking out underneath, was mildly amusing.
Underneath the plains, subduction is also melting rock into magma, which infuses the groundwater with heat and volcanic gases.
The strange tortoise's shell is flat underneath and not rounded at the belly as usual, he says.
Reflecting the sun's light and heat, the snow keeps the ice underneath from melting.
Besides cost, the other worry about operating a garage door remotely is whether it might clobber someone standing underneath.
The truck was a bit of a breakthrough for its time with innovations such as a hidden storage area underneath the bed.
If you run the loose end of the cord underneath the knot, the tangle will come undone.
Has enough short-area quickness to be adequate on underneath coverage.
But then the manager got hold of a microphone and told everyone else to look underneath their tabletops.
Some covered their eyes or played hide-and-seek underneath the desk.
Underneath that dry, wrinkled shell, the humble peanut is quite helpful to farmers.
The shirt doesn't really hide the armor underneath, so you're still gonna need that sketchy trench coat.
Layer a drum track underneath using the smart drum feature.
Excess skin of the eyelid, or prolapsed fat pads underneath the eyes, makes an individual more prone to this sensation.
But underneath its tranquil facade, it buzzes with biochemical chatter.
In fact, some art experts think that as many as one-third of his earlier paintings have older ones underneath them.
Underneath the skin of these areas are unique vascular structures designed to deliver large volumes of blood to the surface.
Half get stuck underneath in a single layer-but there are small pockets of trapped air that likely prevent them from drowning.
It's no different from someone crawling underneath and ruining my brakes.
Radioactive liquid was dripping when he was crawling underneath the blown reactor.
Underneath this interface lurk two vision systems that work in parallel.
Underneath each pipe is a larger one that carried water back again for reheating.
That's the big blood vessel underneath the clavicle, or collarbone.
The engineer who crawled underneath the blown reactor while radioactive liquid was dripping is also alive and well.
My spa was a space that stretched nearly underneath the desk in an unused windowless office.
The coolant directly underneath the microchip heats up and evaporates.
They've been replaced by links on the left-hand sidebar, underneath your main profile picture.
Underneath the questions of taxing and spending are deep resentments and fears spawned by the end of the industrial age.
Underneath this is a fear, after committing so much to academia, they aren't qualified to do anything in the private sector.
But there's a major puzzle lurking underneath this seemingly obvious fact of life.
Their impact dug up the older, darker surface material underneath the blanket.
Anatomy books often didn't even show fat because it obscured the view of the structures underneath.
Large droplets sit on top of the bristles without touching the skin underneath.
Underneath, images come to life in the full glory of their three dimensions.
Underneath life's variety, from mites to mastodons, there's a profound sameness.
They never hatch into grubs and they completely cover the ones underneath.
Underneath that surface simplicity, water's mysteries run deep.
As they are pushed upward by the swelling population underneath them, they make keratin, a helical protein.
She probably had pus underneath the skin of her cheek.
The burn marks weren't uneven in the way of meaty bones burned on a cooking fire or buried underneath a burning palace.
Sure, maybe he hasn't reasoned it out quite that way, but underneath that is certainly what's happening here.
Raise the height of the solar panels enough for wildlife to walk under, leave the desert plants intact underneath.
But he admits that it hasn't been proven rigorously, because satellites can't measure underneath the ice.
Why not put it the other way up underneath the first picture.
If you jump straight up, you'll land behind where you were standing because the bus accelerated and moved underneath you.
The sample shown in the glare of over head lights had no glare and the text underneath it was perfectly readable.
Every where a solar cell is deployed it kills everything underneath it.
The researchers deposited magnetic material on the surface of the shutters and placed a magnet underneath to open them.
Much of the mystery of how this pain originates lies in the intricate mesh of sensory neurons underneath the skin.
These muons are picked up by the detectors underneath the ice.
The laser light diffuses through the skull and illuminates the tissue underneath it.
Her upper lip pressed secretively against her lower one, and a red bodice peeked out from underneath a green dress.
They are dimly-lit and cooled by the water underneath, which you can sometimes see through gaps at the sides.
He removed the middle of it, exposing the pituitary underneath.
It was a shocking moment, one in which your first impulse is to bring on ballast and feel some sense of the world underneath you.
She gets off her bike, lies flat on her back underneath the tree, and stares upward at the branches.
Much of the spectacle derives from the interplay of the steel lattice and the concrete shell underneath.
Ling is interested in surgical techniques that involve implanting electrodes or computer chips underneath the skin.
Though he may not have a story on the surface, he always has one underneath, in the form of movement motifs.
And suddenly something huge and smooth swims underneath him and boosts him up.
Meanwhile, as the levees were slowly being raised, the land underneath them continued to subside.
And yet, lurking underneath the anti-spending, pro-tax-cutting cant is one idea that might truly have merit.
Underneath, the light was connected to a fulcrum, which was attached by a long wooden lever to the ramp.
He weights down the edges so that no air can get beneath the tarpaulin, then he swims underneath it.
Slide your fingers underneath both sides of dough with your thumbs on top.
Fold overhang underneath, then crimp decoratively and brush top crust with milk.
Fold the neck skin underneath the body and secure with a small metal skewer.
The restaurant lives underneath a rock club, and you'll probably be subjected to sound checks during dinner.
Remove string and slowly slide parchment out from underneath chicken and broth.
Suddenly we're underneath the space shuttle before it takes off.
It's that triangle inverted as you look at it from underneath with a kind of scream face.
Underneath they have the same ebullient certainty that the chunks of experience they throw down form some coherent vision.
The only thing peasants have never been able to do is get out from underneath.
The cones are little round green cones that grow underneath on the branch.
Actors were often terrified hayseeds underneath their smooth images.
To generate tsunamis, earthquakes must occur underneath or near the ocean, be large and create movements in the sea floor.
My sidewalk has a vault or other structure underneath it.
Folding bikes are welcome inside the bus, provided they fit underneath the seat and can be kept out of the aisle.
Working underneath the truck, the mechanic discovered a kink in the water discharge hose, which he fixed.
No jacks or blocks were used under the planter before the farmer crawled underneath.
Plastron is yellow and has a few dark spots at the margin underneath the plastron.
Scientist are using this technique to image the subchondral bone, which is the layer of bone underneath the joint cartilage.
The subspecies is light brown to dark brown in color, and pale underneath.
But underneath his sight-gag plumage lives a gray, watchful, calculating spirit.
Tripods poke out from underneath couches, cameras rest on tables and reporters crane their necks to stare down the corridors.

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