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Example sentences for undermining

Undermining that kind of power can happen, but it normally takes wars, and it certainly takes generations.
As sea levels rise, persistent ocean waves reach farther inland, undermining property once well out of harm's way.
Termites may have been a severe problem, undermining the timbers that held up many structures.
In fact, they seem to be devoting considerable resources to undermining them.
Proponents of information freedom and of undermining censorship are increasingly turning to more radical means of making a point.
Preventing water scarcity from undermining food security, ecological life-support systems, and social stability will not be easy.
Unfortunately you are part of the positive feedback loop, undermining the negative feedback loop.
Their attempt is no less than the undermining of our future.
Trust too much to the latter, and you may end up by undermining the integrity of the former.
Nuclear energy, far from undermining anti-proliferation efforts, can supplement them.
There need to be stronger protections for whistleblowers, rather than undermining current limited protection.
The muffin joke is funny because it is self-undermining.
But of course cultural change anxiety does not justify undermining education and science.
To the extent that people have such biases, it is serious evidence undermining almost all religion.
For one thing, their companies' stock prices would go wild, thereby undermining the agreed-upon exchange ratio.
In ways both subtle and not so subtle, the movement is gradually undermining academic freedom.
One could cite other examples of how the new technology is reinforcing old modes of communication rather than undermining them.
The senior professors were jealous and expressed it through gossip, sarcasm, and actively undermining her work.
At the same time, be careful about undermining your own case.
Increasing joblessness was undermining national morale.
He slips from the second to the first, in the process undermining his fallacious argument.
Demonstrating that such ideas are flawed is essential to promoting interfaith understanding and undermining extremist tendencies.
Here's how to boost personal saving without undermining the economic recovery.
Government policies, therefore, should respect and support family and civil society instead of undermining or supplanting them.
Others are living under such severe strain that it is gradually undermining their health.
As it is, a trial designed to enhance his authority, risks undermining it.
The latter in particular has been accused of stealing newspapers' content and undermining their attempts to charge for it.
Crises, real and invented, are rattling investors and inducing a recovery-undermining flight to safety.
Low natural-gas prices are also undermining the case for wind power.
It's tough enough to be president as it is without a former president undermining the current president.
He is undermining my vote and other millions of voters.
They have every right to not promote a magazine which is purposely undermining that belief.
If you're undermining yourself at the negotiating table, you're undermining your husband and your kids.
But obviously, with elections coming soon, one begins to see the elements undermining this working relationship.
They are undermining the basis of one of the world's great religions.
Post-bariatric abdominoplasty without flap undermining keeps the skin sensation unaltered since the early post-operative period.
Typical maintenance includes checking for structural deficiencies such as undermining and debris buildup.

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