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Underlying these questions are more fundamental questions about constraints and the predictability of evolution.
Investments are made by evaluating underlying value.
But underlying her critique is a strong thread of conviction that too many people are going to college.
Second, economic weakness does not immediately suppress underlying price pressure.
As the ice sheets grew, their increasing weight pushed down on the underlying land.
Underlying the phenotypic mechanisms of antibiotic resistance are the genetics of antibiotic resistance.
The engines of the great food factories will be driven, not by artificial combustion, but by the underlying heat of the globe.
Pretty apple and almond blossom around pear, with underlying flintiness.
Environmentalism was a big underlying theme of the movie.
The underlying mortgage is the loan used to buy, renovate or maintain the building.
Graduation ceremonies vary quite substantially around the world but they tend to have this same underlying diagram.
Political resolve won't work unless the underlying economics make sense.
Or it could be that the underlying dune is brighter in this spot than the dust on top of it.
Individuals, cities and agri business claim ownership of the aquifer underlying their property.
Or it is sometimes given a bronze glaze to bring out some of the underlying tones.
No matter how complex it gets, the underlying structure remains the same.
The cause of the underlying condition should be treated when possible.
At the time, the idea was to deconstruct texts to uncover underlying ideologies.
Share prices also suffer as convertible-arbitrage funds automatically sell the underlying stock.
One possibility is that underlying mantle rocks are slowly flowing downward.
Using standard inheritance theory, scientists have searched for the genes underlying autism with little success.
The underlying source of conflict is not so much intellectual as political.
Instead, you must understand the underlying mechanisms that connect the two.
The underlying cause of troublesome hiccups should be investigated.
Often the new theories make similar predictions, even though the underlying causes of those predictions are different.
Much later, groundwater began to dissolve the underlying salt deposits.
He learned to mentally disentangle the effects of meteor impacts to see the underlying rock types.
The topsoil is relatively thin and was formed by weathering of the underlying bedrock.
The best winemakers balance that power with underlying elegance.
There is a long philosophical and scientific history to the underlying thesis that reality is an illusion.
They're confusing the stability of their mind-set with the stability of the underlying phenomena.
The chancellor's problem is that the underlying income distribution has not remained frozen.
If the underlying permafrost thaws completely, the lakes drain away underground.
Those fixes could slow environmental degradation but might not solve the underlying cause.
Hollow, echoing sounds reflect the underlying menace that's present.
The log that creates the waterfall is clad in thin copper sheeting, pressed and glued to highlight underlying bark patterns.
From this perspective, language should reflect underlying social imperatives.
Regular blood tests may be needed to monitor blood levels of phosphorus and calcium in persons with certain underlying conditions.
But that doesn't settle what the terms of the underlying social contract ought to be if our goal is shared prosperity.
We must continue to uncover the underlying mechanisms that drive this process.
The is an underlying romanticism juxtaposed with unpolished sophistication that cannot be replicated even if one tried.
It still used an underlying system of numerical designations, but allowed you to reach a computer by name as well.
Most symptoms are caused by the underlying disease or condition that is causing the metabolic acidosis.
Generations of students considered him the father of structuralism-the theory of underlying order in everything.
The quick pileup overloads the underlying snowpack, which causes a weak layer beneath the slab to fracture.
Recently my team proposed a possible physiological mechanism underlying sleepwalking.
There may be a literal truth underlying the common-sense intuition that happiness and sadness are contagious.
Treatment for any underlying disorder may also be needed.
That's the underlying basis of the original technology.
The underlying definition of a species is a group of organisms with common attributes, capable of interbreeding.
Underlying disparities are real, both within and among countries.
The underlying method is to try and make contact with an extraterrestrial civilization using signal-processing.
But neither alcohol nor cocaine is effective against the underlying problems of depression or anxiety.
Current conversations about resurrecting the gold standard should focus on this underlying presumption of the standard.
To properly dig around inside any computer, you need some form of access to the underlying system.
As expected, stock index futures soared yesterday, along with their underlying market averages.
Markets are moved by sentiment that has little to do with the underlying value of individual corporations.
Some of these medications may also have some effect on the underlying process in addition to providing symptomatic relief.
One major question is the accuracy of the mathematical equation underlying the new impact model.
All of this suggests that there is a deep underlying problem.
However, the kidneys usually start working again within several weeks to months after the underlying cause has been treated.
What that underlying problem may be, however, has proven to be frustratingly elusive to wildlife biologists.
To make the oil less viscous, production crews commonly heat it by injecting steam into the underlying rock.
Underlying this strategy of peaceful coexistence is fear of being kicked out and left to die, the researchers say.
However, it means that at some deep underlying level, there's a much richer universe out there.
All universities have a culture, an underlying philosophy that drives how things are done.
The underlying concepts are simple, yet in combination they can achieve bewildering complexity.
Of the problems that afflict the country, this is the underlying one.
However the pain will return if there is an underlying cause.
To regenerate tissues and organs, it may be necessary first to cure an underlying disease.
It's pretty much as reliable as the underlying poll data.
Nonetheless, they support its underlying intent, which is to provide basic banking services to people with limited funds.
The philosophy underlying this column is entirely different.
It would reveal an underlying order to the seeming arbitrariness of nature.
Exact references of this momentous occasion are somewhat thin, and the underlying peg for a tech news organization even thinner.
One is about the underlying health of the world economy.
But other chemicals produced by the human body more subtly tweak the neural pathways underlying these distinctions.
Granting your statement of the facts, you do not point out or touch upon the moral, the great underlying fact.
Whatever its particular wrongdoings, its difficulties stem from the economics underlying the business as a whole.
But underlying these wild places and wild species are scores of inactive oil and gas leases.
The underlying shoddiness, however, was lost in the sheer magnitude of the project.
The software looks for patterns in the digital code underlying an image.
He sees this one as underlying all three of the things that make climate change a particularly pernicious sort of problem.
What hasn't changed since the golden age of exploration is the underlying goal, which is to simply get out there and explore.
The trouble with the military approach is that it is extremely expensive and yet addresses none of the underlying problems.
Academics, though, want to use the underlying software that powers the games to create learning simulations.
Loose skin can be compounded by underlying lax muscle.
In this situation, there is subtle social coercion in the underlying scaffolding of the decision.
The underlying reason for all the drama is: location.
The mechanisms underlying ice cream headache are not fully understood.
With the genome complete, researchers say they have a blueprint for the underlying biology of human life.
They found no underlying fissure or possible source of intoxicants.
The underlying motive is that the government discerns the outline of a new kind of industrial strategy.
Excellent job of summing up the phenomenon and defining the underlying issues.
Looking at the two maps together suggests some underlying truths.
It is intimately adherent to the superficial fascia, which attaches it firmly to the underlying aponeurosis and muscle.
On the back of the hand and fingers the subcutaneous tissue is lax, so that the skin is freely movable on the underlying parts.
They communicate with the underlying cerebral veins, and also with the diploic and emissary veins.
Yet, in spite of formlessness and incoherence in statement, the underlying body of doctrine is remarkably consistent.
Here again, the underlying sentiment is the abhorrence of human recklessness and extravagance.
The underlying causes of this situation are complicated but discernible.
They have plenty of rhythm, but they are accustomed to more regular meter, the music's underlying beat.
But the storm is quickly moving northward, and the temperature of the underlying water should drop.
Procrastination interests philosophers because of its underlying irrationality.
Furthermore, there seems to be an underlying difference in psychology.
But it doesn't take long to discern an earnest, underlying orderliness.
The problem with the budget isn't its size or its underlying philosophy, which is one of pragmatic progressivism.
Of course, the results of these or any other public-opinion surveys do not alter the underlying reality.
But he strongly believes that all programs should have been included in the underlying reputational surveys.
When the underlying problem disappears sometimes so does the interest in transferring.
And it has nothing to do with my thesis of underlying faith.
The principle underlying such codes has a long history.
Through a cycle of radiation absorption and re-emission, the atmosphere and the underlying surface exchange energy.
Previous studies had shown that enrichment can improve memory, but the underlying reasons are not well understood.
Scientists have recently discovered other underlying processes at work.
Decisions will need to be informed by knowledge of the relevant underlying science and the available technologies.
Look for an underlying wired survival basis for the observed phenomena.
The underlying lesson is that innovative thinkers can achieve breakthroughs when challenging dogma.
To test the underlying mechanisms, they built a large-scale structure that helps mimic the behavior of microscopic particles.
There is no reason for blame, but rather to change the way one listens to the underlying ruminations.
At the same time these people might also be more likely to smoke which may or may not be the underlying cause of lung cancer.
They are disguised as religious or territorial or many other causes, but the real underlying cause is economics.
At the end of the day population is the underlying cause of climate change.
It could be stemming from underlying inflammation-a common bodily response to illness or injury.
As a result, potential output can temporarily diverge from its underlying trends, making it even harder to estimate.
The finance industry has two underlying suspicions, both of which appear to have some basis in reality.
Yet the underlying economy has also weakened, especially in the housing market.
For some economists it will also suggest a slump in supply-ie, in the underlying capacity of the economy.
But the protests and the tax rise are reminders of the underlying problem.
They have been aided by a wealth of data and a fair understanding of the underlying incentives.
Yet the underlying theory is not readily understood by non-economists.
It is the underlying cause that needs to be addressed.
For a start, a pick-up in underlying inflation suggests that price pressure has seeped beyond commodities.
So they end up owning stakes in the same underlying businesses, but paying higher fees for doing so.
Underlying this is a surprisingly benign labour market.
Source code, the underlying blueprint of computer software, determines how programs work.
Underlying it all is the need for the founder to practice humility.
Retinal detachment often occurs on its own without an underlying cause.
If other nerves are also affected, an underlying medical problem that can affect nerves should be considered.
Treatment involves decompressing the colon and treating the underlying cause of distention.
If only the skin and underlying tissues are damaged, recovery may be complete.
Posterior uveitis treatment depends on the underlying cause but almost always includes steroids taken by mouth.
So there's the underlying inflammation and the acute triggers.
The underlying problem in this whole situation is that home values are declining, foreclosures are going haywire.
The cause of the underlying condition should be treated.
Now, the underlying premise of those studies and drugs is being called into question.
People gravitate to religion to feel a connection to the underlying meaning of everything.
Underlying the health of these companies is that the advertising market may be slow to grow, but it's not declining.
To put a color filter on top would require the underlying display to have almost double the existing resolution.
But the underlying concept is even bigger than that.
Because the underlying economics are so much healthier, in three main ways.
They looked at the price on this index as an indication of the value of the underlying.
He focused on creating things of simplicity and beauty matched by an underlying power and utility.
Griswold makes clear that the underlying causes of this conflict are complex.
For centuries, the specific geographic advantages of cities tended to obscure their underlying social role.
The many dandelions in a population provide an underlying stability.
The underlying trauma is larger than life, with epic capacity as metaphor.
And underlying all these policy positions is a shared philosophical commitment to individual autonomy as a core political value.
In other words, destroying nuclear facilities would address the symptoms while worsening the underlying disease.
The elements combine and recombine with no underlying substance, or soul, to give them permanence.
It showed a desperate fight so real as to utterly obscure the underlying clash of conflicting ideals.
Underlying many of these meditations is a broader curiosity about the intricate interplay of fact and fantasy.
Ideally a positioning taps into our underlying human motivations.
We envision improved measurement of phenotype as the underlying basis for the next generation of medical progress.
In these devices, an electric current flows at the interface between the semiconductor and this underlying layer.
Even for humans it is the underlying principle for many different ways of thinking.
And once the underlying problem is solved, the lack of a confession never stands in the way.
He too seems to me to be searching for simplicity underlying the apparent complexity of nature.
Yet there is a certain underlying tension to his art.
He conveys a real sense of pauses, repeats, and an underlying rhythm.
No one can predict the details of these showers, even where the underlying theory is known, and hardly anyone cares.
One feels a frantic struggle for control underlying much of the diary.
And if many chronic diseases share this underlying cause, they might all be remedied in a similar way.
Geologists had predicted the plunge for weeks, citing the retreat of an underlying glacier that had held the rock in place.
The underlying science is also, frankly, rather tough to explain.
In life as in science, small underlying variables can translate into wildly divergent outcomes.
Removal of the paint from the skin and the eyes was a prerequisite for the evaluation of the underlying structures.
The underlying grid still consists of thousands of cells, with the physics meticulously worked out in each one.
As it crawls over the reef, it digests the underlying coral by extruding its stomach out through its underside.
There was a huge amount of science and technology that went into making the film, of course, but also some underlying the story.
But beneath the breathless marketing hype, there is some intriguing underlying science.
Our underlying values create our beliefs and these in turn, create our reactions or responses to situations.
Rather, it's to go after the underlying process that brings on those diseases to begin with.
But he suspects that the underlying processed would be similar.
If the latter was the case, it's possible that decompression melting liquefied some of the underlying asthenosphere.
And it was valued because it was something only humans can do, a reflection and expression of our underlying humanity.
But, the lawyers on one side argue,the principle underlying the decision is applicable.
It makes no economic sense to tax capital gains and dividend income because the underlying income already has been taxed once.
Rather, it's the seething, angry types with underlying hostility who are the ticking time bombs.
And there are conventions of beauty underlying those of art.
Certainly a huge part of this is underlying genetics.

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