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Example sentences for underline

And how the folk who have commented here underline that.
Your statements underline my conviction that you are utterly ignorant of the evidence.
Underline introduction and ask students what it means.
Then have them underline the words that helped them form the picture.
Ask students to highlight or underline the sections they don't understand.
Underline stuff, circle key words, and put notes in the margin.
Make the students underline the thesis statement before they turn in the essay.
They needed to underline their father-figure agency through punitive castigation to succeed.
To underline: these visionaries have been the exception, not the rule.
We need a detail plan that will underline a step by step process for the next five years.
We need a detail plan or a platform that will underline a step by step process for the next five years.
Bold, italic, and underline you probably already know.
And crayons couldn't underline the action more obviously than the music.
It could underline the earthiness in a truffled soup.
Despite some bright news recently, the pictures underline the economy's weakness since that date.
Closer attention to these problems will only underline how little the administration can do to solve them.
But it does underline that the issues in the case are close.
But it does underline that the country's security problems are changing.
He and his fellow leaf-rakers wanted to underline their contribution to city life.
Still, since the early occupations, calls for the protesters to give specifics to underline their shouting have resounded.
These uncertainties underline the vast amount of work yet to be done in molecular epidemiology.
It remains for the reviewer to underline the unusual quality and importance in the history of art of this manuscript.
And while he's quick to underline that he's running a national campaign, he is also playing to his strengths.
Underline the method by which the coal will be processed and marketed.

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