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And these scientists are investigating the physical responses that underlie the functioning of our fingers and skin.
Primary heat exchange occurs through specialized heat exchange-vascular structures that underlie the non-insulated body surfaces.
In strict science all persons underlie the same condition of an infinite remoteness.
In short, the necessity of philosophy follows from the genuineness of the problems that underlie religion.
Medical researchers will track the tiny gene changes that underlie cancer.
The first is the nature of the relationships that underlie them.
To some extent, new federal reporting requirements underlie the apparent jump in compensation.
Despite the importance of this disorder, surprisingly little is known about what brain mechanisms might underlie it.
Such state-matching, or emotional contagion, may underlie all empathic responses.
It might also ward off some of the genetic errors that underlie cancer and aging.
Right-handedness was also thought to underlie speech.
Surprisingly, despite the importance of this disorder, little is yet known about what brain mechanisms might underlie it.
However, the neural mechanisms that underlie these behaviors are poorly understood.
Disruptions of such activity may underlie certain brain disorders as well.
It appears that there are many genes whose actions underlie quite a number of personality preferences.
Reproductive hormones may underlie this susceptibility.
Both science and engineering therefore integrated the idea the science must underlie their disciplines also.
Some wars are about belief systems, irrational religion and grandiose dreams underlie these.
And they tend to de-emphasize many of the key factors that underlie wealth building.
Now, a new study has linked food allergies to the respiratory difficulties that underlie asthma.
However, even more disturbing are the political views that underlie this politicization.
But my own work experiences also underlie my aversion to government regulation of freelance relationships.
Such errors seem to indicate a certain indifference to the careful research that should underlie historical fiction.
Fundamental trends in oil demand and supply underlie this emerging consensus.
Although this is true as to the basic calculations, it fortunately is not true as to the broad principles which underlie it.
There is no attempt to indicate that practice or intelligence may underlie music or dancing.
For decades the main industry was coal, drawn from seams that underlie much of the region.
Many of the same neural processes that underlie memory in these slug underlie memory in mammals, too.
Together they are testing epilepsy patients' memories to reveal the brain mechanisms that underlie image recognition.
Visible changes in brain chemistry may underlie behavioral fluctuations, he says.
The single-letter changes underlie not only our physical diversity but also our different vulnerabilities to disease.
Each prediction has a confidence ranking, which reflects the size and number of studies that underlie the calculations.
Specific genetic variations likely underlie some of the observed differences in disease rates and drug response.
Both study the mechanics of perception, which some believe may underlie the attention and mental-imagery aspects of meditation.
Bad brain wiring may underlie obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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