underhand in a sentence

Example sentences for underhand

Shooting a basketball underhand gives your shot far better arc and spin.
The darts are intended to be grasped by the rod and thrown underhand toward a target.
Strike an object with an underhand and a side orientation.
The object is to throw the medicine ball back and forth over the net using a variety of overhead, underhand and side throws.
Second, underhand strike ball to varied heights targets on a wall at a given distance.
Third, underhand serve a ball over a net at a lowered height from varied distances.
Hold a pair of dumbbells with an underhand grip, so that palms face up.
It is the owner's responsibility to underhand the irrigation design.
The pitched ball may be thrown in an overhand or underhand motion.
Students should pitch ten underhand pitches to the target.
The ball must be delivered at a moderate speed with an underhand motion.
Flipping the lure out with an underhand motion is also an acceptable casting method.
While grasping a bar underhand approximately six feet from the ground, pull up until your chin is over the bar.
Starting off with t-stands we'll progress to underhand pitching when the kids are ready.
She isa endeavoring to injure ns here, not br fair, bull's by underhand methods.
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