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Try not to use plants that develop dead undergrowth.
Limit the use of plants that develop dry or dead undergrowth.
Herbaceous undergrowth includes a variety of plants.
There are violent splashes, followed by the sound of large bodies crashing through the undergrowth.
Their collections and notes formed the undergrowth of biological knowledge from which the modern science emerged.
There are lush green ferns, complex undergrowth and stunning waterfalls.
Even spies could not get near him, on account of the undergrowth and overflowed lands.
It crashed past through the undergrowth without turning, and he killed it with a third and last shot.
To keep the habitat clear of unwanted trees and undergrowth, they regularly set huge areas on fire.
Sniffing the air, she led me through the undergrowth to the flyblown remains of a cow.
Their rooting decimates endemic undergrowth and trees where they have been introduced.
In the dense undergrowth of triple-canopy rainforest visibility is often limited, so hearing can become more important than sight.
Because of the snow and thick undergrowth the den was impossible to see, and a mechanical harvester had backed right up to it.
Breeding: open woodlands with dense undergrowth, riparian corridors, and parks.
Snowshoe hares are forest-dwellers that prefer the thick cover of brushy undergrowth.
We found a place where the undergrowth thinned, affording us a good view.
We tramped through bushes and undergrowth, following the shore of the lake looking for nests.
Low flames blacken palmetto and gallberry undergrowth, and a few trees smoke.
She retreated into the undergrowth to collect twigs and leaves to construct a wigwam-shaped lair.
At noon parrots sleep and diamondbacks work down the trees toward the cooler undergrowth.
The cars were hidden in undergrowth and left in derelict sheds, some with trees growing around them.
On the best of days whole afternoons would drift by with him pole-axed in the undergrowth.
Half an hour later, the undergrowth reduced to stalks, he goes back inside.
Two substantive policy ideas lurk in the undergrowth here.
It is a process now as concealed from us as the undergrowth deaths of birds.
After about fifty or sixty yards, the way was blocked by thick bramble bushes and other undergrowth.
The challenging trails take you through the park's lush forest and thick undergrowth.
Find squirrels and chipmunks chattering as you make your way through the dense undergrowth.
Great ideas, even when they seem to come all at once, actually emerge from a tangled undergrowth.
Lines are also marked by cutting away enough of the undergrowth to facilitate correct sighting of instruments.
We summarized presence and species of woody undergrowth along section lines.
Seems to prefer open mixed forests with considerable undergrowth.
Selective cutting to open up sections of a wood lot allows undergrowth to increase.
Ability to work in hazardous conditions to include swampy areas populated with harmful vermin, poisonous reptiles and undergrowth.
It's not uncommon to flush pheasants and deer from the undergrowth.
Established trees have to compete with undergrowth for nutrients and space.
The remaining portions of this industrial property are a parking lot and a heavily wooded area with dense undergrowth vegetation.
Trees, brush, and dense undergrowth are fire hazards.
The levee was covered with thick undergrowth and small trees.
Pile burning is beneficial for clearing forest undergrowth and reducing fuels.
Fire suppression during much of the past century has led to a buildup of vegetative undergrowth that has degraded the habitat.
Above the bar, on the river bank, two trails head into the thick undergrowth.
Forest undergrowth is smothered with fallen leaves making it difficult for anything to move around unnoticed.
Bank blades are used for clearing thick undergrowth and brush.

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