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The nature of the protest prompted one undergraduate to complain to the student newspaper.
As an undergraduate student, he is part of the first generation that may study personalized medicine in a mature form.
At eighteen, she married an older law student, but the marriage unravelled while she was still an undergraduate.
All undergraduate programs are accredited at the program level.
Well, you can find that astonishing and stupendous principle in any basic micro-economic undergraduate elementary textbook.
His undergraduate and graduate level courses cover the field of visual cognition and psychology.
Perhaps the biggest shortcoming of undergraduate science programs is the utter lack of insightful counseling.
Many major research universities privilege research and graduate education over undergraduate teaching.
We seek a candidate who will excel in teaching and conduct a vigorous research program at the undergraduate level.
Indeed, interest in undergraduate programmes has also sagged, even though attendance at university has soared.
Desalination, he added, should be added as a basic element of an undergraduate engineering education.
Because these fellowships are full-time, they are not appropriate for matriculated undergraduate or graduate students.
First, her lack of any undergraduate degree whatsoever.
Clearly, for upper-level undergraduate physics courses, you have to tell them something.
The offices will host new research and undergraduate internships and could, in future, offer executive-education courses.
But of course, many of these things can also be said about an undergraduate degree, as well.
Some students even in the undergraduate years, they have come back.
The school has both graduate and undergraduate programs.
Law school tuition is rising four times as fast as the cost of an undergraduate degree, which itself is soaring.
One of the neat things about this project is that it involved the efforts of undergraduate researchers.
He planned to become a lawyer, but his undergraduate degree was delayed after he shattered his right leg in a ski accident.
Not much has been preserved from the work of his undergraduate days.
It was lifted from an undergraduate s speculative paper from some years earlier.
My undergraduate work was in paleontology and anthropology.
Although not that well known, it also has a good business school with a strong undergraduate element.
They may instruct undergraduate and graduate students.
The undergraduate hates to be eccentric, or even to seem so.
Initial educator certification is offered at both the undergraduate and post-baccalaureate levels.
What has made our universities so distinguished is not the quality of our undergraduate education.
The university is recognized for its strong undergraduate programs overall.
Faculty are expected to teach at both the graduate and undergraduate level.
Here, for example, are some of the course descriptions for the undergraduate major in mathematics.
He himself trained undergraduate volunteers to run the tests.
My undergraduate degrees are in biology and biochemistry.
Typically some technical writing is required in undergraduate degrees.
He begins by arguing that large universities, especially those within state systems, have given up on undergraduate education.
The lowest scores in the survey went to undergraduate instruction at large, well-known research universities.
Every teacher must complete an undergraduate degree and a master's degree in education.
Among the audience was an undergraduate a little older than his contemporaries.
Moreover, their undergraduate degrees continue to make a difference.
Ultimately, it was an undergraduate's weekend gamble that paid off.
Fifty-two percent of alumni have undergraduate degrees.
Most of my first-year undergraduate students know how to establish a website, how to post a message, how to post movies or text.

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I am ... willing to admit that some people might live there for years, or even a lifetime, so protected that they never ... more
The men—the undergraduates of Yale and Princeton are cleaner, healthier, better-looking, better dressed, ... more
In looking back over the college careers of those who for various reasons have been prominent in undergraduatemore
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