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Example sentences for undergo

Jobs was urged to undergo an operation to remove it.
If you're a mid-career professor about to undergo your first post-tenure review, you're probably wondering what to expect.
The region is about to undergo a great transformation.
Students learn that animals undergo adaptations-changes to body parts and behaviors-that help them survive.
It is not clear whether cetaceans undergo dream sleep.
The whole system must before long undergo a radical change.
Every year, more than a hundred million people undergo surgery after being knocked unconscious by inhaled anesthetics.
Tropical cyclones undergo a series of phases-from tropical depression to tropical storm-before being defined as a hurricane.
The tone and content of the messages exhibits the strain many of the group's members undergo.
All final candidates extended an offer of employment will undergo background screening.
The product is about to undergo field testing for a future launch.
Universities evolve over time and quite naturally undergo periods of rapid change, punctuated by slower growth or even stasis.
Scientists suspect that the planet might periodically undergo some global eruption that completely resurfaces the planet.
Flounder undergo several striking physical transformations during their lifetimes.
Typically, they cause the four chemical precursors to undergo oxidation.
As mentioned, the reactor is fueled by enriched uranium of fuel rods, which undergo a process of radiation.
The space tourists won't need to undergo arduous training.
Hunters must have a license and undergo target training.
Butterflies and flies are both insects and both undergo metamorphosis.
They will undergo interviews, brain scans, background checks and psychological tests.
Often, they undergo transformations to eliminate problems with their cameras themselves, or random noise.
Participants undergo intensive treatment instead of prison.
Over the long term, it leads to numerous social issues, and so now it has reached a point at which it must undergo reform.
Some epileptics who don't respond to drugs undergo brain surgery.
The tax system, too, would undergo a radical overhaul.
Before they can undergo metamorphosis, caterpillars have a short life defending themselves from predators.
The satellite will now undergo a series of health checks within its six-month commissioning phase.
From the platinum-plated premium-fare payer to the rock-bottom budget traveller, everyone has to undergo it.
Mao doubles train their voices, mimic body language and undergo plastic surgeries.
Water used to irrigate food crops must undergo secondary filtration and disinfection.
Doctors examine her to see if she should undergo an operation.
These findings could explain why some patients complain of more pain than others who undergo the same surgical procedure.
The vaccine will soon undergo toxicity testing, followed by human trials.
Patients can also undergo multiple procedures at the same time.
The river and the lakes it feeds undergo extreme seasonal changes in size and depth.
Animals undergo adaptations-changes to body parts and behaviors-that help them survive.
Milo is rushed to the vet and must undergo emergency treatment.
If the de-inked product is destined to become white paper, it will undergo a bleaching process from here.
When your dog is about to undergo a new experience that could be frightening for him, it's important to condition him in advance.
But the problem may not be limited to cancer patients who undergo chemotherapy, a new study suggests.
The blood flowing from his heart in the large arteries should undergo a heart valve.
He was placed on paid medical leave and ordered to undergo a psychological evaluation, the authorities said.
Trapped cold atoms don't normally undergo such transformations.
Former militiamen showing promise as future leaders undergo a programme of religious study.
But it remains to be seen how much of a rebranding the company will undergo after the sale.
The injector will undergo a design review scheduled to wrap up tomorrow.
Pacemakers are not uncommon, so many people are willing to undergo surgery because it's nothing new.
Suzy decided to undergo a common prenatal test called chorionic villus sampling.
He didn't have any rigorous survival training that may have emotionally prepared him to undergo the ordeal he did.
Over time, isolated people undergo a social narrowing.
Until now, only supervisors have been required to undergo such training.
As cars undergo a hybrid craze, planes need a similar innovation revolution, or else prices and pollution will continue to rise.
Once the team comes up with the right elixir, it'll undergo federally mandated safety testing.
Patients once had no choice but to undergo uncomfortable colonoscopies.
During pregnancy the alveoli enlarge, and the cells undergo rapid multiplication.
Similarly, if a group of nerve cells be destroyed, the fibers arising from them undergo degeneration.
Within the chiasma, the optic nerves undergo a partial decussation.
Nothing is too small or too trifling to undergo this change, and acquire dignity thereby.
There are teachers and students with square minds who are by nature meant to undergo the fascination of categories.
We think that in the whole of history there has not been a people that has had to undergo so many kinds of war.
Therapies can alleviate some of the pain, and some patients undergo joint replacements, but there is no cure.
However, this behaviour seems to undergo a phase transition to a more disordered state when crowd crush develops.
In all of these species males undergo a sort of pregnancy.
When clouds collide they collapse and undergo violent bouts of star formation.
Let them undergo various distortions and entanglements in the environment.
The difference with influenza viruses is they undergo a dramatic change every one to five years.
It will employ some people for a little while, but it delays the structural adjustment that the economy needs to undergo.
In fact, each vehicle has to undergo extensive refurbishing between flights.
Agriculture and the economy should shift in a way exports and imports will undergo a major quake, not that they aren't already.
But he stopped short of retiring, saying he would undergo more tests in another three months.
Citizens abroad often face long waits before they can get to see a specialist or undergo elective surgery.
She is to undergo surgery to alleviate the current issues with her throat and a full recovery is expected.
Egg donors undergo medical, psychological and genetic testing as well as a background check.
He didn't undergo surgery, but the current status of his health is unclear.
Such homes, called special focus facilities, undergo inspections at six month intervals rather than once a year.
Members of these units undergo a rigorous selection process.

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