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Normal winter snows and cooler temperatures keep trees and underbrush damp enough that fires don't get too big.
Speedy was stomping through the mud, hurling paper into the underbrush.
Most were subsequently found alive after having become hopelessly lost in dense underbrush and rugged volcanic terrain.
So the underbrush thickens until the flytraps are smothered.
They drive on dark roads and then get out of the car and stumble uphill through the underbrush.
The burning clears the underbrush so people can get at the acorns more easily.
Inside the hotel was a sort of underbrush, a swampy footing for the irregular.
Logging companies say they need continued access to national forests in order to thin underbrush, supposedly to reduce fire risk.
But the timber industry has no interest in underbrush.
The scene was thick with cedar trees and underbrush, typical of regenerated farmland.
It is rarely maintained and old fence wire may be tangled in the underbrush.
Prefers dense underbrush in both coniferous and deciduous woodlands.
There are no on-site visitor accommodations, and the mounds are covered with dense underbrush.
The cougar prefers habitats with dense underbrush and clear rocky areas for stalking.
As a result of frequent fire, the forest that existed was often lightly stocked and free of underbrush.
The ground is covered with forest litter but there is no underbrush.
Removing underbrush and leaf litter in woody or shady areas.
Salamanders and banana slugs abound in the underbrush and decomposing logs beneath the big trees.
Lightning periodically would ignite the forest, sending rows of flame burning through the underbrush and leaf litter layer.
It rose up out of the swampy underbrush, perched on an alluvial terrace above the bayou.
Troops lost their way in the tangled underbrush and the woods caught fire, confronting the wounded with a horrible fate.
These areas were cleared of the majority of the damaged trees and underbrush before replanting.

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