underbody in a sentence

Example sentences for underbody

Engineers focused on making the underbody as flat as possible to smooth airflow under the car and reduce noise.
Its underbody is smoothed with various fairing devices.
Remember to work from the top of the trailer moving to the underbody when restoring the exterior.
Even if no more time is lost, he will have only eight weeks to test the underbody, the car's structural base.
When a car's underbody or a ship's hull begins to corrode, it usually ends up junked.
The vehicle's underbody is washed when the vehicle drives over an oscillating, high-pressure, underbody washer.
In the winter, they undergo a color change, becoming a deep red with gray underbody.
When you wash your vehicle, you get the underbody and engine compartment.
If an underbody snowplow is ordered on this truck, it shall be mounted as far forward as possible.
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