underbid in a sentence

Example sentences for underbid

Those who do their best to provide quality work are underbid by shoddy workmanship and low quality materials constantly.
His price is not what he can get, but the lowest he can live for and underbid his neighbor.
It is driven by collectors rather than dealers, who stockpile or underbid simply to push up prices.
As workers compete for scarce jobs and firms underbid each other for sales, wages and prices will come under pressure.
Their reluctance to hire helpers meant that their overhead was low and they could underbid many other contractors.
Without those added costs, some unscrupulous businesses are able to underbid other contractors in the construction industry.
Especially in industries with high premium rates, the illegally uninsured employer is able to underbid the insured employer.
Paragon's practice of understating costs was not limited to projects it had underbid in order to win.
The low end of that range certainly does give credence to the possibility of an underbid audit.
We believe it is strictly a violation of the code of ethics for any teacher to underbid the salary of others.
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