underbelly in a sentence

Example sentences for underbelly

Be prepared to learn about the dark underbelly of humanity.
But when threatened, the animal will clamp down tightly on the seafloor to protect its soft underbelly.
To see this place on a globe, one must lift it upward to expose the underbelly of the planet.
The seamy underbelly of the process is that it is messy.
It allows for a kind of vulnerability, coming in toward the underbelly of the mouse.
Maybe the butler is part of the sad, festering underbelly of society, and it doesn't matter who did it anyhow.
Trolling the underbelly of progressive rock is not exactly the way to make a quick killing in the promotion business.
Gray to grayish-brown with lighter feet and underbelly.
The body is generally tan to olive in color, with the back usually dark while the underbelly is often white.
Each manta ray has been placed in a category depending on its unique underbelly markings.
Yes, typical improvements to mobile homes include underbelly insulation, storm windows and sealing air leaks.
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