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Example sentences for under way

Something similar seems to be under way in the area of technology.
We see that process getting under way around two million years ago but becoming more pronounced around a half a million years ago.
Eight difficult years of negotiations were under way.
One that's still under way is the emergence of a variety of precision weapons, and also coupling them with sensors.
One and a half years after his suicide, a fight is under way over both his physical estate and his spiritual legacy.
Under way in this country is no less than a redefinition of what it means to drive a car.
They got the project under way in a fine flurry of flag-waving and transcendental pop-science rants.
But initial trials are under way while they stake out intellectual property rights.
Some suggested ideas, made by bloggers, were in fact initiatives well under way.
Retreating glaciers, rising seas, and shrinking lakes are some of the global changes already under way.
In fact geologic sequestration, as it's called, is already under way.
Marlboro, whose fifty-ninth session gets under way next week, is a singular phenomenon.
She has forty-five architectural projects under way.
Officers have been suspended in both cases, and investigations are under way.
Reading researchers, of course, aren't the only ones with high-tech ash-plume observations under way.
And while the positive effects are disappearing, addiction is under way.
Many experiments on how best to do that are under way.
The transition is already under way, although it means different things for different companies.
There are studies under way but currently no cures or definitive treatments.
It is interesting to read that a convergence of ideas may be under way.
The shoot got under way and had an impulsive, almost frenetic energy.
Most people don't realize that this process is already under way.
Indeed, a similar sort of process is already under way within the higher-education community.
The tailoring of news and entertainment is less advanced, but it is clearly under way.
As patterns of news consumption shift, much experimentation is under way.
Indeed, he feels that this process of transition is already well under way.
Work is under way to develop better ways of preserving such crops.
So they stuck with expansionary policies long after recovery was under way.
But there is little dispute that a serious slowdown in trade is under way.
But even this is insufficient to cover the costs of the construction under way.
Negotiations with unions and employers are under way.
All the same, profound shifts are quietly under way.
In some industries, notably car production, a rebound is plainly under way.
Meanwhile strenuous efforts are under way to stimulate disc sales.
Meanwhile the election season is under way, and voters need to judge the integrity of political parties.
There was a recession under way, led by the decline in housing construction.
Amid the escalating war of words, the military preparations for a conflict are indeed under way.
But a study is under way to establish safe levels of cadmium.
One source says a search is already under way for the next managing editor.
With peace talks now under way, however, the charges have become stumbling blocks toward an agreement.
Even so, the antiplastic movement is well under way.
It may take a while to complete, but it's under way.

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