undefined in a sentence

Example sentences for undefined

What was interesting was that the characters were kind of undefined in the original script.
Similarly, the use of undefined pronouns is irksome when they refer to an earlier message.
And the etiology for this mental disorder was often undefined.
Ask them what zero divided by zero is and they will say undefined.
Despite its fierce campaign of violence, the group has an undefined structure and no clear chain of command.
But failure of some lesser sort, still undefined, looks increasingly inevitable.
The results are undefined if the calling thread holds the lock at the time the call is made.
If a thread terminates while it has ownership of a critical section, the state of the critical section is undefined.
Some therapies or procedures fall under the undefined scope of practice rather than as a trial study.

Famous quotes containing the word undefined

Even the most abject have a sense of superiority based on powerful though undefined merits.... more
I have the strong impression that contemporary middle-class women do seem prone to feelings of inadequacy. We worry that... more
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