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Whether or not this figure derives its holiness from its symbolic meaning may remain undecided.
And that means many issues on space weaponry are still undecided.
Meanwhile, many consumers remain undecided when it comes to choosing between e-readers and tablets.
And, in many ways, his is a common portrait of an undecided vote.
The public seems to be undecided about the impact of changes in the gender makeup of the student body.
To be undecided in this election is to pause for a moment and then ask how the chicken is cooked.
But probably that large percentage of undecided are those who are afraid to decide one way or the other.
To a undecided looking in, it appears you have no argument, and must now browbeat the opposition to prove a point.
But nearly a third of respondents said they remain undecided.
Undecided voters may find it safer to stick with the devil they know.
Neither party's effort would be wasted: older people are as undecided as everybody else on who will receive their vote.
And with only ten days to go, more than two in five voters are undecided.
He won two cases, lost two, and several others remain undecided.
Surprises cannot be ruled out: many voters are still undecided.
The great undecided don't start paying attention until summer.
This, combined with an unusually large number of undecided voters, makes it difficult to predict the results.
Undecided voters looking for a winner to back will have noticed that he keeps popping up to make victory speeches.
Twenty percent of voters either want another candidate or were undecided.
Eleven percent of likely primary voters are undecided.
Many of them, however, are undecided until the last moment and aren't particularly happy with either choice.
Moreover, the polls show that many voters remain undecided.
The author himself seems somewhat undecided about who these creatures are-that is, what his imagination has created.
That's so low because there are so many undecided voters.
One end is belief in existence, the other end is belief in non-existence, and in the middle is undecided.

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