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You'll need to uncover the cooker for the last three hours, so plan ahead.
Second, you must grow an ability to devise solutions for the system problems that data and experience uncover.
The basic treasure of his life was buried back there and he kept hoping to uncover it.
It's an extremely valuable way to uncover information.
So don't bang your head on the office door trying to uncover what you did to create an enemy.
At the time, the idea was to deconstruct texts to uncover underlying ideologies.
And sometimes, in the sorting out, you uncover additional problems that need to be solved.
Make it a point to talk with fellow students and faculty members to uncover mutual interests or friends.
It is an unusually painstaking effort to uncover apparent scholarly wrongdoing.
The shifting sands from storms periodically cover and uncover the pilings.
Take a tour of the city and uncover the rich cultural heritage that makes this destination popular.
Reading between the lines on tests can uncover trouble.
It fits with research to uncover the building blocks of literacy and how they can go wrong.
Two books uncover the romance and adventure of archaeology.
As computation power has increased and data sets have grown, computers can now uncover more and more arbitrage opportunities.
His aim is to uncover pre-colonial spiritual and magical beliefs.
Recessions uncover what auditors do not, as the old saying goes.
Predation is even trickier to uncover when goods are sold together.
Photographers uncover what people at home can't even begin to understand.
As machines talk to other machines, they may uncover facts and relationships that are not apparent to people.
Now, if only journalists would do their job and uncover it for us.
These illegal activities allowed them to uncover otherwise inaccessible information and boost circulation and revenue.
Mathematical models cannot predict or uncover fraud as well as some may think.
But it is not enough to uncover hidden bias in a laboratory experiment.
In particular, it aims to uncover the mechanism behind cloud seeding which has long baffled meteorologists.
Buttonwood is really straining here to uncover a contradiction.
It's not going to make you richer if you uncover his bad deeds.
As was done in the backpack activity, paleontologists draw inferences from the evidence they uncover.
For years the second solar boat had been considered too fragile uncover.
However, scientists have yet to uncover precisely what those advantages may be.
Uncover his mummified remains and see how he may have actually looked.
Uncover your genetic path from the first human ancestor.
He was one of the first to use the technology to uncover minute structural aberrations in the brains of schizophrenics.
It could detect mutations that had been previously identified, but it couldn't uncover new ones.
Scientists are seeking to uncover why the immune system attacks healthy cells in lupus.
Uncover and transfer soup to a serving bowl or individual bowls.
Posing as waiters in a retirement home, they uncover a plot involving the drugging of horses to win bets on the races.
And scientists are seeking to uncover what causes the inflammation in the first place.
Researchers uncover gene mutations that contribute to disease by screening the genomes of thousands of healthy and ill people.
The argument is that this fact is supposed to uncover a deep dark truth about modeling economic and other types phenomena.
Uncover these hidden colors of fall by separating plant pigments with a process called paper chromatography.
In the past several years, researchers have begun to uncover how the human brain determines when to trust someone.
Uncover and add sesame seeds, then immediately pour oil with seeds over pinwheels.
Uncover the pan, turn up the heat to medium, and cook until all the liquid has evaporated.
Uncover the bittersweet story of this ancient treat.
But he also itched to uncover how the basic workings of the human brain shape social behavior.
UN troops have provided engineering help and heavy equipment to carefully uncover buried artwork.
On a good day, an experienced fossil excavator might uncover only a few inches of skeleton.
And, gaps or not, scientists have been and still are painfully and meticulously filling them in with the fossils they uncover.
Bomb squads have long used metal detectors, x-ray machines, and dogs to uncover threats.
But they do uncover some tantalizing details that give us room for speculation.
To uncover their tales, you need a storyteller with an expert's knowledge and a writer's flair.
Not only is it being released on its own accord, but people actually want to uncover it and harness it as a fuel.
Between the posts, they uncover a layer of collapsed roof timbers and walls.
Any cracks or leaks in the pool could uncover the spent fuel which can heat and catch fire.
Then uncover the rest of the image and see the lady rotate the opposite direction.
Studies designed to uncover the cause suggested that whatever was going on, the intensity of the laser beam was unrelated.
Every scientist knows that to uncover evidence that overturns a long-accepted theory would make them famous.
Another fair target he said would be companies that sue researchers who uncover vulnerabilities in their systems or products.
Parts of the manual were redacted, but the redaction was bungled and allowed anyone to easily uncover the concealed information.
Luckily the layer you uncover when you poke the data is, in fact, rich with meaning.
It is a story that opens up in the end to uncover the foundation of savagery on which human society rests.
We claim there is, but that it takes serious philosophical work to uncover it.
Surely, a frank investigation would uncover not only some monsters but also a good number of heroes.
It's possible, then, that further research would uncover common biochemical causes.
Much of the site has been restored and excavations continue to uncover artifacts and the occasional mummy.
It's not every day that scientists uncover an unexpected new role for an old, familiar body part.
Earlier this month, she announced that the ministry was setting up a so-called war room to uncover such sites.
And when the system refuses to provide an answer, you have to use your own means to uncover it.

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