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Contract terms are substantively unconscionable if they are unfair and commercially unreasonable.
Advocates for the poor consider such cuts unconscionable.
Using hunting permits as a political protection racket for the livestock community is what is so unconscionable about this hunt.
Most scientists agree that it is unconscionable to clone humans when tests in animals have not been perfected.
We feel that it is unconscionable for restaurateurs to add fish to any dish without alerting their customers.
In that context, expanding government growth and social democracy is unconscionable.
It is unconscionable that in this country one of three kids is overweight or obese.
It was an unconscionable betrayal of a nation of people, and the land they gave away was not theirs to give.
Withdrawing the offer without ever giving you a firm deadline, and after only five days, is unconscionable.
Please fly my hello to those suffering from the unconscionable others.
For any official to allow these conditions to exist is unconscionable.
Besides, togetherness in art lays an unconscionable burden on the reviewer.
But for those who do and yet are denied it, the effects of such denial are real and unconscionable.
Costs to the environment is unconscionable, and it would be a social and political hot potato.
The age is not a problem but the lack of an advanced degree is unconscionable.
And that failure is for more unconscionable than any losing record or first-round playoff exit.
The lack of a workable fail-safe mechanism is unconscionable.
It is unconscionable to drag boys into this tragedy in order to promote gender equality.
What's unconscionable is when the stock goes down and they reprice the options.
Go to court to have actions declared unfair, deceptive, or unconscionable.
The trial court abuses its discretion when it acts in an arbitrary, unreasonable, or unconscionable manner.

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