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Example sentences for unconnected

Some of the former plus many other indicators not mentioned may seem unconnected, irrelevant even, to this debate.
While the two had no direct relation, it's impossible to see the two facts as entirely unconnected.
Some renderings, almost breathtakingly lovely but somehow immobile, unconnected.
Come at it from one angle and you're looking at a bunch of incoherent, unconnected pictures.
Today, coins are government-issued tokens, and their value is theoretically unconnected to the metal they contain.
They have unconnected branches of multiple phylogenetic lineage trees.
These are two unconnected, completely different matters.
In fact, you have made several claims that may well be unconnected.
It is our peculiar felicity to be altogether unconnected with the causes which produce this menacing aspect elsewhere.
Medicine today is a sea of paper and fax machines, privacy barriers, and unconnected data.
If the memes came from many otherwise unconnected accounts, they were likely to be legitimate.
The officials said the trip was unconnected to the current crisis.
The soaring prices of bushels and barrels are not unconnected.
Innovators excel at connecting seemingly unconnected things.
Some policies apparently unconnected to water must change too.
At first sight the two meetings might seem unconnected.
The collateral is usually unconnected with the index.
Yet factors unconnected to resources have been equally or even more important.
These unconnected neighbouring cells could not be removed without damaging the circuit's performance.
Previously unconnected systems can also be linked up in the background using software.
He acts as if deficit-reduction is some sort of discrete problem unconnected with revenues.
It is the context for all those unconnected bits of reality he gathered so avidly.
The essence of their mounting ennui is dissected in a series of seemingly unconnected scenes.
There must be some reason for good and bad reviewing that is unconnected with formal apprenticeship.
Other characters remain unconnected and disconnected, sharing only a messy urban landscape.
Two nodes can be either unconnected, connected by an edge in either direction or connected by an edge in each direction.

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