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Example sentences for unclear

He said it was somewhat unclear how long the vaccine lasts.
What other advantages giant size might have provided remain unclear.
It's unclear how many fewer athletes would be eligible to receive the extra money.
But it's unclear how much construction may actually be halted under the new rule.
It was unclear what effect, if any, news of the probation might have on efforts to recruit nursing faculty members.
But it's unclear if anything will result from this latest round of regulatory review.
It is unclear how much of the jobs proposal will get enacted given the acrimony between the two political parties.
Unclear, mixed and unachievable expectations can mean trouble.
Many bids for loan forgiveness have been denied for unclear reasons, and many borrowers have simply given up.
It is unclear what effects these changes will have on research.
It's unclear whether she was aware of her father's orientation.
Diet soda tied to stroke risk, but reasons unclear.
It remains unclear how simple cells recognize what the conscious mind cannot.
He was more dismissive when matters became many-sided or unclear.
For a dramatic moment, it was unclear if she could continue.
But much remains unclear, even to those in the profession.
It is unclear whether this draft contained a version of the inaugural's best-known line.
It is unclear if the police officially took over the case at this time or later.
Exercise can alleviate mild depression, but exactly how it does so is unclear.
It's unclear how long animals would suffer from the urban legacy of concentrated heavy metals.
Yet it's unclear whether this vaccine will work against a more virulent strain of avian influenza.
It's unclear if they actually significantly improve health behavior.
His reasons for return were not entirely unclear, although he was surely wealthy from working in the hotel business there.
It remains unclear to me why ethnicity should be used to qualify scholarly criticism.
If these words are unclear to you, you have not yet begun to understand.
It is unclear if the police officially took over the case at this time or later.
In the new landscape, it is unclear who or what will provide that guarantee.
The status of possible investigations into six additional incidents remains unclear.
It is unclear where she will reside during her three-month stay.
His curse has been transmitted down the generations, whether via the food chain or the chromosomes is unclear.
The boundaries are sometimes unclear to outsiders-friends, ex-boyfriends, ex-girlfriends.

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