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There is little doubt that the eruptions happened, but there is uncertainty that they occurred before the extinctions.
There used to be a lot of fear, uncertainty, and doubt surrounding the performance impact of collisions.
The uncertainty surrounding climate change argues for action, not inaction.
Our second uncertainty might seem at first blush an outcome of the first.
Teleportation was long considered impossible because it violates the so-called uncertainty principle of quantum mechanics.
My own field of research, the quest for a unified theory, is no stranger to uncertainty.
Ideas shouldn't be dumped because they bring uncertainty or discomfort.
All of this has contributed to an atmosphere of some uncertainty.
Knowing where to sit in the cafeteria became routine, and it no longer filled me with uncertainty.
Notice that the data for the left hand is much more spread out and thus has a larger uncertainty.
It would be such a relief to finally accept that a different path is for me and to let go of the guilt and uncertainty.
There is no uncertainty about the science of climate change itself.
It's tough no matter what, and there's a lot of uncertainty both in terms of finances and career prospects.
There is also uncertainty over the precise time and place of humanity's origin, she adds.
But after this latest string of mishaps, he could not bear the uncertainty any longer.
It has uncertainty and excitement and all the thrills of gambling with none of its vicious features.
Drilling is unlikely to resume amid the uncertainty.
There is still considerable uncertainty regarding how much radiation the plant released.
In this view, the promise to tackle budget deficits has had a liberating effect on private spending by reducing uncertainty.
He faces a slew of regulations, uncertainty over fish stocks and the prospects of climate change.
Uncertainty also hangs over energy prices, despite the apparent failure of cap-and-trade legislation.
But risk and uncertainty was part of the joy of the project.
All this uncertainty has engendered two competing political narratives.
There was much uncertainty about how well prepared humankind is for such an event.
Part of the uncertainty stems from a lack of communication.
Uncertainty still reigns among those trying to come to grips with the spill's ultimate legacy.
They may be responding to this uncertainty by watching to see how others relate to you.
This, too, says nothing about the source of the uncertainty.
But there's no uncertainty about how long it takes radioactivity to subside, about ten half-lives.
Much of the discussion centered on the difference between risk and uncertainty.
Still, the main thing that is hurting business is uncertainty.
The region's uncertainty and fear mean fewer crops are planted and cultivated.
Economic decline and political uncertainty since its break-up has resulted in high emigration.
The point about the uncertainty principle is one that deserves some further study.
Instead, they are influenced by dread and uncertainty.
But a curious creature would soon reinsert some uncertainty.
Short-term extensions create uncertainty about federal funding and make local transport planning difficult.
Deniers amplify the uncertainty to turn a reasonable projection into a wild guess.
Even concerted efforts to track and guide spacecraft in orbit are subject to some uncertainty in trajectory estimates.
He confuses risk aversion under uncertainty with a focus on short-term profits.
But there is much uncertainty about what it will involve.
All are fast-growing industries fascinated by uncertainty and with little use for generalists.
Much uncertainty still exists as to which group supplies which muscle.
There is a slight psychological uncertainty or haze about the juncture in book-s and ox-en.
Yet even this meal was attended with some uncertainty.
Uncertainty describes a situation where it's not even clear what might happen, let alone how likely the possible outcomes are.
The other uncertainty is the world's ability to provide for all these additional people.
Only uncertainty consistently expressed itself directly.
They feared the melee and uncertainty that an aftermath would bring.
She was a great believer in following the custom of the country in moments of uncertainty.
But even those theories that do get replicated are shadowed by uncertainty.
Yet much of the information that people use about the world involves some degree of uncertainty.
If you have uncertainty, you don't have information.
And once you receive information, uncertainty is being resolved.
He defines one bit as something that reduces uncertainty by half.
With the fullerenes, there is still a fundamental uncertainty as to what the applications will be.
Panpsychism and morphic resonance are becoming more in vogue as quantum uncertainty principles are studied.
There's always uncertainty, of course, which is why we're having a search in the first place.
There has been significant release of radiation, and great uncertainty as to the survival of the containment vessels.
The above quote for me highlights the need for further discussion on uncertainty levels in climate science.
Any remaining discrepancy was attributed to systematic uncertainty and does not affect the conclusion.
But the decision you make resolves some of that uncertainty.
Others will claim that regulatory uncertainty is preventing more aggressive expansion.
Not enforcing voluntary agreements leads to uncertainty.
So even if loans started failing, there wouldn't be as much uncertainty in the market.
Low demand, wide uncertainty, and scant inflation is putting a lid on salaries.
It is the success of science, not its content, that shores up its use and the decreased uncertainty that follows.
Marine resource managers have historically thrown caution to the wind, even in the face of scientific uncertainty.
When astronomers map an orbit of an object, there's some uncertainty in the measurements.
However, there is a lot of uncertainty around the estimated parameters.
Scientists continue to work to narrow these areas of uncertainty.
There's a lot of uncertainty at the frontiers of great distances and early times.
The problem is that there is still a level of uncertainty with regard to potential side effects from the vaccine.
As expected, those who remembered times of uncertainty were less confident that their food choices were the right ones.
The other lesson here is that many people don't understand the role of uncertainty in science.
Quantum mechanics transfers measurement uncertainty onto nature itself.
It will be referenced and used by everyone who has a gripe about it causing even more uncertainty amongst the populace.
Uncertainty in the data is too great to make that statement.
If his work involves uncertainty that skeptics can easily debunk then it is worthless.
Around me, they feel no need to cower in corners faced with the ambiguity, general squishiness and uncertainty of biology.
Anything that can help make a decision in the midst of uncertainty will be valuable.
Families facing this kind of medical uncertainty are often paralyzed by their distress.
We can minimize our uncertainty and maximize our control.
We have some uncertainty about this whole question yet.
If a certain uncertainty was the new status quo, the insecurity was mostly about money.
They're getting spooked by the uncertainty around this decision.
In laboratory experiments, humans actually fear uncertainty more than physical pain.
More speculation in energy markets means more uncertainty.
Apparently, there was a lot of uncertainty about whether you'd get the part.
But that's not how investors think in times of uncertainty.
Some were psycho- statistical: the inherent uncertainty of life had engendered an irrationality among economic decision makers.
Declining margins have brought economic uncertainty to the city.

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