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It is uncertain how soon or how fast the oil will start gurgling again.
Yet decision makers insist that they bring clarity when information is scarce and outcomes uncertain.
Also known as pie cherry, this species is of uncertain origin.
That, it turns out, is a scientifically uncertain and even controversial question.
Ida's significance was described in no uncertain terms as the missing link between us humans and our primate kin.
When people face an uncertain situation, they don't carefully evaluate the information or look up relevant statistics.
The long-term outlook in their home market-which still accounts for about two-thirds of output-is uncertain.
Whether extinct dinosaurs had the same physiology as living mammals and birds remains uncertain.
Cognitive biases are a useful mechanism for dealing with uncertain but potentially important information.
Neither demand was realistic: the way ahead is too uncertain.
Ethanol's role is currently larger, though its future as an automobile fuel remains uncertain.
In the meantime, villagers were skeptical and uncertain about how to use the government's more formal seasonal climate forecasts.
Western cities potentially running out of water, the uncertain impacts of climate change and continued population growth.
The crater offers steep sides and uncertain footing.
Whether and when this might happen, though, is uncertain.
The prognosis for the giant jumping rat may be better than expected, but it is still uncertain.
For anyone uncertain about this: the test is a scam.
How many mortgage holders will now seek redress is uncertain.
Scientists are uncertain as to exactly how the fossil was preserved.
Sixty years later the fate of a watery shrine remains uncertain.
Because birds become less vocal in winter, the northern limit of wintering birds is somewhat uncertain.
Still, she added, researchers are uncertain as to what is causing the sea otters' immune systems to shut down.
And, in the case of lithium, the market is uncertain.
In these uncertain times, it's good to know that you can still count on some things.
Because of the delay, the results of this precisely tallied election are still uncertain.
And yet it is uncertain whether a repeal of the law would do anything to calm separatist leaders and their followers.
Scientists are uncertain as to why the proteins do this.
With seemingly no chance of survival, he makes the decision to leap into the dangerous and uncertain unknown.
Patients in the music group fared best, but mechanisms underlying the improvements remained uncertain.
In future, a growing number of people will have to manage on less generous and more uncertain occupational pensions.
It's uncertain why dogs are so much better at smelling than humans are.
And the panels do effect desert climate adversely, in uncertain ways.
Unfortunately, all solutions are equally environmentally uncertain when considered what might happen centuries into the future.
Because transactions between businesses tend to be relatively infrequent, the seller may be uncertain about the right price.
Others are so little known that their conservation status is uncertain.
Borders has not kept pace with the digital revolution, and its future is uncertain.
But in one canton some ballots are being recounted, so the overall outcome is still uncertain.
Being uncertain about what happens next is an interesting and addictive feeling.
As long as the world economy remains uncertain and investors fear inflation and sovereign default, gold will keep its allure.
As for the studies, they were small, and their methodology uncertain.
Our understanding of life expectancy of chimpanzees in the wild is still somewhat uncertain.
Whether other snakes tend toward family groups is uncertain.
Learn why the future of these leaping silver beauties is so uncertain.
But as people continue their pursuit of valuable resources, the fate of this endangered primate remains uncertain.
In addition, the animal's water sources are drying up, though the cause is uncertain.
Some experts think she may have died while giving birth, but researchers are still uncertain.
In an attempt to codify, and with a small sampling, the tendency is to oversimplify what is uncertain and astoundingly complex.
All over the world, penguins face a similarly uncertain future.
Whether there will be other generations is uncertain.
He sucked his trunk, as if uncertain how to negotiate his place in the hierarchy.
When-or if-that happened, though, remains uncertain.
Cities that open themselves to the global marketplace can experience both the highs and lows of an uncertain world economy.
Uncertain regulations and high labor and corporate taxes provide excessive burdens to start-ups, according to the article.
So the precise status of the labor market remains uncertain.
Especially for those who sell new books, the future is uncertain as they try to compete with e-books.
Their captivity was at times terrifying, at times darkly and absurdly comedic, and often uncertain.
This, of course, also makes the supply somewhat uncertain.
In so doing, however, it revealed how the state of the art fails to grapple with a simple fact: the future is uncertain.
It remains uncertain, however, when and how often these changes occur.
Climate change predictions are uncertain, even on a global scale.
Long-term objectives and uncertain applications are unacceptable, the court ruled.
The behavior of even a simple system can depend so sensitively on its initial conditions that the final outcome is uncertain.
She was interested in pursuing a career in basic science but uncertain about which avenue to pursue.
The payback is commercially uncertain, although the project is morally praiseworthy.
Early models may have high costs, lower convenience and uncertain performance.
Another area is increasingly uncertain federal research funding.
The sense that the future confronting art-school graduates is increasingly uncertain has figured in many curricular revisions.
They come up to me because they are uncertain where else to turn.
Even when the equity is there, parents are reluctant to further leverage themselves into a future where job security is uncertain.
As students and enrollment officials alike grasp for certainty in an uncertain time, the admissions cycle keeps spinning faster.
Many are uncertain about why they grade or how their grading relates to teaching and learning.
In addition, department heads who put together sloppy or biased files hear about it in no uncertain terms from the dean's office.
Learn how the university continues to innovate and excel during an uncertain environment.
When people are uncertain about the future, they wait and do nothing.
Rudeness is out, and civility is the new rule in an uncertain world.
The fall of dictators in the south could be too, though the transition is bound to be more uncertain.
Regulating banking systems is an uncertain business.
Estimates of ultimate losses remain highly uncertain and the state of the economy is unclear.
It is a scene of desperate poverty, but also of uncertain peace.
Even then, with growth uncertain and unemployment rising, he seemed too bullish.
But innovation is by definition unpredictable and uncertain.
Whether higher neurons convey the pain impulses to the cortex through the internal capsule is uncertain.
He led a strenuous and varied life, with somewhat uncertain means of livelihood.
Many of his epigrams are full of sadness, of an uncertain fear of the future.
Better to suffer a known evil than to change for uncertain good.
The terms are all widely used, but their connotation is vague and uncertain.
But now all sorts of well-established, multiply confirmed findings have started to look increasingly uncertain.
The coach, uncertain of the professional status of his new position, is worried about his future.
He was uncertain of his future and what to do about his life, not to mention his marriage.
That's a more uncertain world and therefore one in which markets will be more volatile.
Now, three losses and too many turnovers later, his future looks uncertain.
He commented that even though the renovation had been a success, the future was uncertain.
Thanks mainly to keener instruments and more powerful computers, forecasters are extending their reach into the uncertain future.
What the proteins accomplish in coral reefs, however, remains uncertain and is a major focus of biological studies.
The origin of the term is uncertain, and its precise definition has changed over the years.
It remains uncertain whether the yeti crab's hairy appendages might help detect currents in the water.
The dhow's port of departure and destination are still uncertain.
In short, stem cell therapies remain uncertain and risky, hampered by unforeseen complexities.
The reasons for the methane slump are almost as uncertain.
But even species with several hundred members face an uncertain future.
Many algae make oil, which they store as a foodstuff against an uncertain future.
Their energy and motion are served up in discrete bits, jumpy and blurred, their exact behavior and position forever uncertain.
Although the true percolation of the future is still uncertain, scientists can put their hands around it.
The effect this would have on the universe is uncertain.
Most hopes lie with researchers in the biotechnology industry, but the outcome of their efforts is still uncertain.
Each inch presented a challenge, each day was uncertain.
Without saying anything specific about where and why the other sides arguments validity is uncertain.
But in fact, while they're related, they're separately uncertain.
So this is the edge of uncertain awareness on which an outwardly happy and thriving society is poised.
Whether the vigilance of our patrols was abating or our foes were retreating remained uncertain.
It is uncertain at this stage into which of these three categories she feels she falls.
He is mostly relieved to have unburdened himself, though uncertain about his future.
His destination remains uncertain, but his route is known.
US stem cell researchers fight with uncertain financing and esoteric restrictions.
There will always be uncertainty, because it's a highly uncertain system.
Whether the technique will be practical for regrowing teeth is uncertain.
How venture-backed startups will fare in the energy business over the long term is uncertain, however.
Whether it can compete on a global scale is uncertain.
While the practical application of the radio is uncertain, it could be used in biological and environmental sensors.
It's still uncertain what will ultimately replace silicon.
In other words, overconfidence is the best way to maximize benefits over costs when risks are uncertain.
The feasibility and effectiveness of the technique is uncertain.
Leave it to the president and his advisors to make decisions based on uncertain conclusions.
Whether his constructive capacity is equally great is uncertain.
In a depression, investment is low because the prospects for profit are weak and uncertain.
Whether it really occurs is uncertain, but the author's field work leads him to believe that it does, if only on rare occasions.
In an uncertain world, our currency and credit are well established.
In this uncertain environment one crucial instrument of unity and stability was the newly introduced, compulsory education system.
Where elections take place, they likely will prompt confusion, as groups with uncertain political experience compete.
Most of the country's impoverished citizens still live precarious and uncertain lives.
It was clear that they were both outnumbered and uncertain of themselves in the streets.
While sources of tension exist, it is uncertain how they may be resolved.
Whether he wished or expected to remain abroad during the rest of his life is uncertain, but so it turned out to be.
In the uncertain world of stock markets, there are a few events so unambiguously frightening that they guarantee an instant crash.
Critics will tell you in no uncertain terms that it creaks under this weight.
Precisely what it does have to do with is somewhat uncertain at this point.
The exact cause of the unusual geomorphology in the area still remains uncertain.

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