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At the age of eighty-four, he retains an unfaltering command of rhythm and an uncanny sensitivity to orchestral balances.
There, he observed an uncanny similarity in human response to the arrivals.
The bicycle lamp sent a beam of strong white light deep into the uncanny foliage, heads clustered and hands worked.
His movements are slow and deliberate, and his voice has an uncanny steadiness to it.
Baron also discovered that certain six-letter combinations occur with uncanny frequency.
And presidential greatness, in the moment, requires a uncanny combination of powers.
We tried to express our perplexity-the uncanny sense that something was missing from this examination.
Twenty years after the end of communism, going back to see the house is an uncanny expedition.
Farmers and herders have known for centuries that herds of cattle have an uncanny ability to all point in the same direction.
But in context, the resemblance to human laughter is uncanny.
The match between the symptoms experienced by the hospital staff and the symptoms of dimethyl sulfate exposure was uncanny.
The technique gave their illustrations an uncanny hand-drawn vibrancy.
But he had an almost uncanny premonition of the dark period ahead.
The daily spectacle was delirious, uncanny, the range of goods boundless and utterly random.

Famous quotes containing the word uncanny

Anxiety is not fear, being afraid of this or that definite object, but the uncanny feeling of being afraid ... more
The sacred is found boring by many who find the uncanny fascinating.... more
When my expectations are exactly fulfilled, I feel that something uncanny has happened.... more
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