unbuttoned in a sentence

Example sentences for unbuttoned

Your guide will require this, but you should not try to sneak anything past him, such as keeping the life preserver unbuttoned.
Wei shrugs, gets up and leaves the flat to saunter through his neighborhood in his plastic sandals and unbuttoned shirt.
If you have to carry your wallet in an unbuttoned jacket, coat or pants pocket, be sure it holds only what you can afford to lose.
Respondent then unbuttoned her pants and pulled down her zipper.
Only the top button of the uniform shirt may be unbuttoned if a tie is not worn.
Only the top collar button of the shirt may be worn unbuttoned.
He had on a shirt which was unbuttoned, and he was unclothed from the waist down.
He was dressed in blue slacks that were unbuttoned at the waistband, exposing his stomach.
Subject had at that time his pants unbuttoned which was observed by librarian.

Famous quotes containing the word unbuttoned

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