unbuckle in a sentence

Example sentences for unbuckle

Unbuckle waist straps, use a long stick for stability, and face upstream while crossing.
To prevent being pulled under by its weight, unbuckle your pack's waist strap so you can shed it if you fall in.
Unbuckle the waist belt of your pack and loosen the shoulder straps.
He apparently was unable to unbuckle his lap and shoulder restraint and drowned.
Unbuckle the seatbelt and have a simple plan of action in case of ice break through.
If peers chastise them for wearing a safety belt, many teens will unbuckle it.
He attempted to unbuckle his seatbelt, but could not do so.
Buckles are required to be stiff enough so kids cannot unbuckle them.
Appellant said he was going to show her something, and he began to unbuckle his pants.
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