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Example sentences for unbolted

Sam leans on the van's bench seat, unbolted from the vehicle and propped against the garage wall.
The end plate of the spindle is unbolted and removed.
Thus out of necessity, there remained uncleaned loose coal at four unbolted faces as a normal consequence of the mining cycle.
Segmental linings constructed from concrete or steel can have either bolted or unbolted joints.
The signposts can be permanently attached to the base or left unbolted so that the posts can be pulled out to raise the sign.
The two diagonal angles that block the door opening can simply be unbolted and removed.
The cage above the water reservoir had been unbolted on one side and bent down to eye level.
He was found buried among the debris inside the tank that occurred when the unbolted roof caved in.
The guard or shield on the side of the conveyor belt was unbolted on one side.
The workers were killed when the partially unbolted cover blew off the vessel, expelling hot plastic.
Many circular tunnels are constructed with bolted or unbolted segmental lining.
They can be unbolted and moved to other areas of the country or other countries.
The bookcases are constructed so they can be unbolted and easily removed.
It extended from the right corner of the face and followed the fault zone to the edge of the last panel of unbolted wire mesh.
The removable seats in the wheelchair locations had to be unbolted and removed to access the seats provided with fold-up armrests.
Rather, it appears the pipe was unbolted at some time in the past and left open.
The building will be unbolted from the foundation and removed to salvage.
They raised wheat and ground their own flour, but had no way to bolt it, so had to live on unbolted flour.
To test the steering, the steering column was unbolted to relieve the pressure on the top of the steering box.
Leaking valves and flanges were unbolted but not taken out of line.

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