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Reading and educating ourselves are our tickets to many places that are unattainable by physical means.
Such technologies could open access to previously unattainable oil across the globe.
It also means that many students who come from families without college experience feel that college is unattainable.
Pure objectivity not only is unattainable by humans qua humans but, also, countervails mankind's ultimate coping success.
Thus the vacuum becomes a state that is unattainable.
He should also have bodily activity and strength, unattainable by our sedentary life in public offices.
Pinpoint targeting has always been the goal for advertising, but has been unattainable for a couple of reasons.
Indeed, it stands to reason that our ideal of the open society is unattainable.
Perhaps it's because they're unattainable that they've become the focus of our hedonistic fantasies.
The worlds they depicted didn't seem foreign or unattainable.
Given that it's the traveling salesman problem, the solution of the shortest routes is unattainable in practice.
Someone has to draw the line between unattainable goals, metaphors, and requirements.
All the best ballads are about longing after the unattainable, or yearning for something that once was but was never meant to be.
The architects recognized that perfection is unattainable.
Formerly a remote and unattainable destination, the island was brought closer to the mainland by the construction of rail.
In other words, don't make yourself crazy pursuing the unattainable and unnecessary.
Education will broaden your outlook and reach goals that were previously unattainable.
Always ambitious, the target now looks unattainable.
It would be idle to harbour such dreams if they were unattainable.
Data collected by these platforms provide measurements of environmental variability that are normally unattainable.
Fire can be utilized to shape the landscape and achieve large-scale resource goals that would otherwise be unattainable.
Both of which are more expensive in the immediate and therefore are often more unattainable.

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