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Example sentences for unanimous

But on one matter there is near unanimous agreement across the kingdom.
They were lightweight and did the job, though the vote was unanimous in regard to taste.
The responses of the systems administrators were unanimous: forget it.
Reviewers were almost unanimous in their ridicule of the concert and its composer.
In other words, it was unanimous that this case was too big.
And the fact that it was unanimous was little short of miraculous.
Other dictionaries, and reference works generally, appear to be unanimous on these points.
But they are unanimous in their veneration of small business.
The jury returned a unanimous verdict of not guilty.
They travel the country together, hearing cases, somehow managing to hammer out unanimous amnesty agreements.
The desperate courtiers were unanimous: the flag must go up.
The verdict was unanimous-the painting was a tattered imitation.
However, in spite of all this, there has been near unanimous consent among climate scientists about the problem of global warming.
The decision to intervene was unanimous in the political and military councils of government.
Criticism of the rankings is nearly unanimous, but so is compliance with them.
Whatever questions they asked, the replies were near unanimous.
The mayor's actions received unanimous support from the city council.
When it is too late to renew it, the motion to reconsider cannot be withdrawn without unanimous consent.
But the unlucky suggestion met with fierce and unanimous opposition.
Actually, the dept and college were both unanimous in favour, as expected.
My family's feedback was unanimous-these were the best steaks they could remember.
Six years of glowing reviews, public accolades, and unanimous reappointment.
Members of a search committee meet to discuss their near-unanimous positive reactions to a job candidate's campus interview.
Book editors seem unanimous on that point for obvious reasons.
Unlike previous decisions to raise the threat level, this one was apparently unanimous.
Results show that he won near unanimous support in the south and failed to win a single state in the north.
The verdict of outside commentators was damning and unanimous.
Policymakers did not appear to worry about the similarities: the vote in favour was unanimous.
He would hear about the unanimous decision by a phone call from his overjoyed team.
The media attention was ravenous, the verdict instant and unanimous.

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