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Example sentences for unaffected

Watching programs that come from your cable or satellite feed are unaffected.
The dense sphere will also be virtually unaffected by radiation pressure from sunlight.
And so, the ability of a household to pay a mortgage is unaffected in that situation.
When album sales began to crumble and radio fragmented, these bands were mostly unaffected.
Ai's place was unaffected, but the artists had approached him for advice.
Site blackouts draw attention to the bills from people who otherwise would consider themselves unaffected.
The cross-axis component averages to zero, yet the along-axis component remains unaffected.
Some subjects revealed huge changes while others remained completely unaffected.
We should be completely unaffected by physiological changes in the brain.
All that survivors do is to keep doing what they were doing and they are unaffected by the external pressures.
In practice, this negative effect can partly be made up by using plant and machinery in areas unaffected by the disaster.
Housing markets in some emerging economies, meanwhile, seem entirely unaffected.
The financial centre of the country may have been closed but exports of cars and electronics were unaffected.
These are unprecedented levels for places unaffected by war or famine.
Restaurants are filled with people and jobs are unaffected.
And although these concerns vary hugely from one company to the next, few firms can be sure of remaining unaffected.
Yet the study concluded that wages and employment among the city's natives, including the unskilled, were virtually unaffected.
The famous four are seen to be relatively unaffected by the the global melt down.
When dissatisfied customers leave their business, their revenues are unaffected.
Repeatedly, studies have found that people with schizophrenia are about twice as likely to smoke pot as those who are unaffected.
Their genetic differences would obscure the genetic difference between patients and unaffected people.
Somehow his exuberance and innocence are unaffected by what he sees.

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