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The language of truth is unadorned and always simple.
Inside, the unfinished wood floors, plain pine benches and unadorned walls echo the tradition of humility and piety.
Plain and unadorned, the ground floor provides little hint of the splendors above.
Their first prayer houses were unadorned rooms rented in dreary downtown tenements.
But when not ovulating, females mate willingly with unadorned males and those past their prime, the scientists discovered.
Nursery rimes have all manner of origins, and may be detected in allusions long before they appear whole and unadorned.
He loved that church, the old-fashioned, unadorned ikons and the old priest with the shaking head.
And at the same time, there's something to be said for the sound of the instrument unadorned.
Indeed, the sarcophagus within the chamber is similarly unadorned.
The buildings have smooth gray concrete fa├žades, unadorned except for narrow slits for cell windows.
The unadorned facts and uninflected history-pictures, texts, accounts-are almost unbearably distressing.
The streets are steep and unadorned, and eerily empty at night even in the summer.
Venison comes relatively unadorned, in dapper little rectangles that are tender and salty.
The rest of it is unadorned, controlled, and workaday.
The flanking sofas are covered in an unadorned beige corduroy.
In the midst of this theme turned slightly awry, a single unadorned princess coat looked out of place.
Accommodations mirror public areas with their arty, unadorned maple furnishings and fiber-optic lighting.
After the unadorned crystal has been smoothed and washed, it is examined by a first-line quality control inspector.
On a menu that otherwise bristles with useful information, its entry is unadorned.
The absence of movie cliches about drugs makes this unadorned story all the more enveloping and raw.
Unadorned, it is simply a focal point of a garden, a curvaceous folly.
Set up a mask-making station so unadorned guests can make their own.
When you head into the operating room, your body should be entirely unadorned.
Nineteenth century mercantile establishments still operate in unadorned frame buildings of a purely functional design.
Results of their research found that an unadorned, natural version of the popped snack is a healthy alternative to junkfood.
Both the north and south elevations of the main, two-story section are unadorned, their sole features the wide chimneys.
The main level's concrete floor was polished and sealed but was otherwise left unadorned.
Paneled doorways on three sides are flanked by pilasters supporting an unadorned entablature.
There are many blank and unadorned walls providing little of interest or appeal to the pedestrian.
The window bands are separated vertically by wide, unadorned brick spandrels.
These rear and side walls included irregularly placed sash windows and were left unadorned.
Her clothes were unadorned, yet her beauty was undiminished.
The dissent's approach rests in unadorned fashion upon two premises.
The other was uncovered and left unadorned except for a sheltered stone sculpture.
The pilasters are unadorned, with only the cedar trim marking their bottoms and tops.

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