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Example sentences for unaccustomed

The streets are becoming overrun with animals that are unaccustomed to their new surroundings.
They could be found in unaccustomed places that summer.
The unaccustomed feels the sensation of being in a panic, in a tempest, in a cyclone.
Both being unaccustomed to each other, their relationship is fraught with apprehension and fear.
Words used in unaccustomed, though not impossible, senses or applications.
More importantly, the company is unaccustomed to outside scrutiny.
And the army, buoyed by unaccustomed plaudits, hints that it will not stop there.
Negative advertising may not work in a country unaccustomed to strident debate on scientific issues.
Take or wear your swimsuit and apply plentiful sunscreen, as the tropical sun can be harsh on skin unaccustomed to it.
Dressed in an undershirt and jeans, he is shy and unaccustomed to visitors.
Perhaps, with empty stomachs and unaccustomed to this new food, the camas had disagreed with them.
People who are unaccustomed to it will experience temporary diarrhea.
It is not recommended for those unaccustomed to strenuous outdoor activities.
If you don't exercise regularly, the unaccustomed excitement and exertion in the field can be dangerous.
Motorists are generally unaccustomed to driving on slick roads and traffic accidents increase.
Foreign lawyers may be unaccustomed to including a description of work performed in connection with billing.

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