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Example sentences for unabated

Debutante festivities continue unabated and there is no sign of any falling off in parties during the coming week.
The looting of archaeological treasures continues unabated.
Unabated greed and a total disregard of anyone else.
It's sad that this sham is allowed to continue unabated.
The interest in the sale was unabated and the prices obtained were equally as good as those of the previous day.
The government's efforts to develop a tourism industry will also go nowhere if violence continues unabated.
As long as human population continues unabated growth, no species is safe from extinction.
The crowd of spectators was as large as on any former occasion, and the anxiety to obtain admission utterly unabated.
But all signs indicate the trend continues unabated.
But the movement kept going unabated through the fasting month.
But if this coal burn goes ahead unabated there is no prospect of avoiding dangerous climate change.
We spend ever-increasing funds on this matter and the proliferation of drugs continue unabated.
Even though the ground for its root system is dry, this perky little annual continues to perform, unabated.
For almost a century, those particulars have kept coming, and the desire for them seems unabated.
The fallen statesman still clung to his project with unabated ardor.
But the fury is unabated and goes on stamping down the embers.
Right up to the eve of the trial's first day, the back-and-forth between the sides continued unabated.
Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow, the hurricanes of policy and politics that beset the president will continue unabated.
But as the mania for huge kitchens grew unabated, everyone started thinking of stainless steel as generically upscale.
For the next forty-five years this growth continued unabated.
What it shows is a steady increase in temperatures that has continued unabated for the last several decades.
These attacks will continue unabated for the next two years, at a minimum.
Illegal wiretapping and eves-dropping continues unabated.
The result is that the gorillas' spontaneous and appropriate signing continues unabated.
Crime continues unabated as addicts steal to feed their habits, something which frustrates the local police.
However, this does not mean that in the short term the country's export boom will continue unabated.
Pledges to continue the fight unabated in the face of harsh and/or humiliating outcomes are staples of presidential campaigns.
The graffiti war continues unabated in other cities.
In the meantime, the industrial-scale looting continues unabated.
If scrapings are positive or if symptoms unabated, treat again.
If the nuisance noise goes unabated after the notice of violation has expired, you may lodge another complaint.
Despite countless devastating hurricanes and tropical storms, their popularity continues unabated.
The degree of moral hazards embedded within our judicial system continues unabated.

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