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Example sentences for unabashed

My father used to be an unabashed hunter who lived for deer season.
Under the thin veneer of economic growth lies a society where greed and unabashed corruption rule the day.
Who would tell us, with unabashed eagerness, to taste the fruit of the trees.
Writers are usually unabashed about claiming authorship for their work.
For any gourmet of cultural criticism with an unabashed taste for truth, this is the prime-cut book of the year.
The unabashed expression of xenophobia deeply rooted in insularity.
And on the grill, coals that hiss their unabashed longing for meat.
Brazen, unabashed, flat out defense of the whopping profits this industry has been showing.
Her arms were finally bared for the well-bred audience to see, but she seemed unabashed.
Humiliation soon morphs into relief, then wonder, then unabashed exuberance.
They paid unabashed homage to anyone who displayed valor.
Truly, its unabashed greed that many here are displayed, and its quite sickening.
The lesson seems clear: the safest path to power can be to avoid its unabashed exercise.
It's a precarious act, being the unabashed show-off, the novelty performer.
If it all seems a bit contrived, it is, but the owners are unabashed about their tradition-building.
He spoke his mind with unabashed honesty, voiced his opinions freely, and kept us all on our toes.
He was an unabashed champion of the supercomputer, even in its earliest stages.
The unabashed senator made no move to deny that he still held the promissory notes or that he expected them to be paid in full.
Yes, this is an unabashed promotion of this great event.
Moreover, this teacher should possess an unabashed determination to make school a wonderful place to be.
They are unabashed believers in the economic viability of producer-owned cooperatives.
The humility of the extraordinary, unabashed characters is skillfully revealed with humor and surprise.
It is richness unabashed, but richness with a reason.
The second part of the test was also satisfied by the need to ensure an unabashed and candid evaluation of presidents.

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