ultralight in a sentence

Example sentences for ultralight

In fact, the cameras were in ultralight aircraft, which the birds accompanied-by choice.
The market for tiny ultralight cars with expensive drive trains in the name of squeezing out a few extra mpg is not that large.
Ultralight video cameras fastened to the tail feathers of crows have shown the birds to be versatile tool-users in the wild.
Ultralight in-molded climbing helmet with excellent ventilation for long and demanding uses.
They also make use of superstrong, ultralight new materials that take the place of steel and allow big savings on mileage.
If you are interested in flying ultralight vehicles, you don't need a pilot's license.
Our bill to fight drug trafficking using ultralight aircraft is now law.
Research in migration and avian behavior, primarily training whooping cranes to follow ultralight aircraft on a migration.
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