ultrafast in a sentence

Example sentences for ultrafast

Interestingly, the researchers found that blind people only use the right visual cortex for understanding ultrafast speech.
To unearth the bacteria's inner workings, the researchers zapped the connective proteins with multiple ultrafast laser pulses.
Tiny, ultrafast shutters can then be used to eliminate all but a single wavelength.
Ultrafast computers, built around vastly downsized circuitry and requiring almost no electricity, seemed within reason.
Researchers then zapped each atom with an ultrafast laser that caused each atom to emit a single photon of light.
Sterile, high-tech cocoons such as this are made possible by an ultrafast network operating behind the scenes.
In contrast, ultrafast metabolizers may need more than the usual dose for the drug to be effective.
One place where this looming problem is particularly acute is in the ultrafast clocks used to pace computation.
Studying the world of the ultrasmall and the ultrafast is at the frontier of scientific research.
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