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It degrades in ultra-violet light but provides control on plant surfaces for up to seven days.
We sat on the roof deck, where the ambience was ultra-simple: a sheet of brown paper laid across a picnic table.
Previous experiments had managed the feat at ultra-cold temperatures, or by using exotic semiconductors such as gallium arsenide.
Wait until people figure out how the ultra wealthy have been using the low stock prices to pump money out of the economy.
Raw organic milk has hundreds of times the bacteria of conventional milk, which is why it has to be ultra pasteurized.
Also much ozone to continually block out ultra-violet rays.
Ultra caps are well-suited for energy recuperation systems that can increase fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.
With ultra-low-sulfur diesel, the particulate emissions are less too.
The brain is an ultra fine loom, and many of its functions are regulated on a mind-bogglingly small physical scale.
There are far too many ultra-small particles currently identified but not understood that reside in our cells and bodies.
Would be interesting to be able to detect infra-red, ultra-violet, radio wave.
Furthermore, they have a high mechanical strength, and they have applications as ultra-high density capacitors.
The cost of obsessive ultra-effective air security is costing thousands of lives elsewhere.
Every room is designed to offer our guests spectacular views of the bay and features ultra-modern d├ęcor.
She has invented a machine combining the effects of light and ultra-sound for use in biotechnology.
When it's time to bed down, close everything up for the ultimate ultra-light sleeping bag.
These ultra-deep deposits must be drilled at up to three times the normal pressure for offshore oil.
Ultra-low interest rates have eased the pressure on many homeowners.
They might need more protection than the ultra-rich.
He and his colleagues have developed two basic approaches to stretching circuits built on ultra-thin, bendable silicon.
Some of the more striking offerings at the fair were ultra-cheap versions of global hits.
Lithium-ion polymer batteries, which can be easily moulded to fit different shapes, have made possible ultra-slim devices.
It seems the ultra-rich are also different from the merely wealthy.
It has also commissioned, amid much fanfare, a series of ultra-modern museums by some of the world's leading architects.
The housing market will boil down to two sets of homeowners: those deeply underwater and those with ultra-low interest rates.
Clearly, ultra-low interest rates shouldn't last forever.
Those who do grab those ultra-low rates will be the relatively affluent.
You'd train the staff to be ultra-friendly and ultra-efficient.
Its interest costs will be much higher for securities it issues after the current environment of ultra-low rates ends.
Despite the ultra-low interest rates, they remain extremely weak.
Of course, hedge funds try to ensure that some ultra-rich do even better.
The ultra-thin sheen on the surface of the tart had an almost patent-leather brilliance.
Mentions an ultra-lightweight version called autoclaved aerated concrete.
The ultra-thin crust manages to be chewy on the inside and crispy on the bottom, with slightly charred, crunchy edges.
His was a victory for progressivism through ultra-traditional means.
So go out on a limb and don one of these ultra-chic pairs to add a little crazy, red-carpet couture to your lashes.
Yet the way wafers are currently manufactured wastes half of the expensive, ultra-pure crystalline silicon they're made from.
Humanity has ultra-evolved to the level to give honor to those honor is due.
He or she could pick up the signals from a wireless body area network from a distance using ultra sensitive antennas, for example.
During the election campaign, he sought to draw votes away from ultra-nationalists-part of his attempt to obtain a supermajority.
Common arithmetic, and a little surveying, were the ne plus ultra of mathematical acquirements.
Anything involving the brain and brain chemistry has to be taken ultra-seriously.
Doing this, however, requires ultra-low temperatures near absolute zero.
The program asks engineers to invent ultra-lightweight vehicles that could come in handy for urban military missions.

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