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Not to go on about it, but my poached eggs are ugly and unpleasant.
It's time to retire that ugly window air-conditioner for the winter.
It is an open and ugly secret that many colleges still weigh such factors in faculty hiring decisions.
Some people think wind turbines are ugly and complain about the noise the machines make.
The ugly truth is that the general culture can't handle hardcore culture.
There's no denying it is an ugly business, but such choices have to be made in war.
Letting criminals get away with ugly crimes is another story.
Though courteous and hospitable, the commanders expressed ugly views.
The movie resumes and portrays its likable characters forced into ugly choices.
The technique goes by plenty of other names, all of them ugly.
Another, however, sees precisely how ugly a moment this is.
The ugly results will make for difficult decisions on bonuses as the year draws to a close.
Such planning should include the good, the bad and the ugly.
Mothers and fathers loved their ugly or unintelligent kids because they were unaware that their kids were ugly and unintelligent.
When reality is exposed in ugly half-truths, the answer is not to cover them up.
Too bad the feeding consists of the usual straining at gnats and the cheerfully swallowing of big ugly camels.
Plagiarism is an ugly word, and it is an ugly fact of academic life.
Unfortunately, another ugly idea looks likely to emerge as well from what remains of the review.
Not so much that it won't go looking for a better place to stay if things get ugly.
In all other countries serious inequality is seen as ugly and immoral and a failure of society.
No justification is necessary for what is clearly ugly and wrong.
But the mere use of ugly words, epithets, or slurs is not an adequate ground for negative sanctions.
Of course, the pattern can repeat and then it gets ugly.
In modern times there will always be the violent and violence will always pop its ugly head up in domination.
They all seem to have a penchant for ugly footwear, baggy shorts and t-shirts, and large meals.
Beaches worldwide bear witness to the ugly impact of plastic debris on our oceans.
But that is only the tip of the proverbial and ugly iceberg.
Its owners are either so green, or so keen to pinch their petrol pennies, that they were willing to buy an ugly car to prove it.
Some say the method creates flat land needed to expand towns, while others argue it's ugly and damages the environment.
On the contrary, extra dimensions theories have had to stand some ugly modifications in order to be consistent with experiments.
People do ugly things trying to hide their cables and cords.
It is an argument that, as this discussion shows, has an ugly history and an ugly future.
But none of the frames match and, as previously stated, my higher degrees are ugly.
Wear a damned ugly shoe for a few months if it means permanent healing.
Obviously, the handsome have more mating opportunities than the ugly.
At the end of the week he sent a gracious note apologizing for the ugly things he'd said.
Think of it as the hysterical upgrading of ugly visions of the future already found in polite critiques of higher ed.
Its binding, cover, and printing are obviously ugly.
They had to continue living and working with the accused and didn't want to hear the ugly details.
The mining of coal is an ugly and environmentally destructive process.
Use water wisely, or face the ugly consequences much sooner than one would have thought.
The ugly are one of the few groups against whom it is still legal to discriminate.
Some basked in the sun, stretched out at their ugly length of mottled brown and yellow.
Their eyes began to sparkle, and their ugly faces to brighten, with an expression of strange pleasure.
But there can be tons of ugly emotions flying about without having any couples in the department.
No, an ugly work environment is caused by selfish people and one key sign of selfishness is being late.
Otherwise, the pressures of winning create an ugly desperate situation more often than not.
Then university politics reared its ugly head and my program changed focus several times and departments.
Yes, some faculty will take advantage of the tenure system and yes it can produce some ugly results.
For decades, ugly elevated highways crisscrossed the waterfront, blighting downtown.
But the overlay of human violence on its geography is unremittingly ugly.
Whoever said that solar panels had to be ugly got it wrong.
Shucking a scallop can be jarring aesthetically, since there are abrupt changes between beautiful and ugly.
Even a short walk on the street held the threat of an ugly brawl.
They anticipated some ugly attacks, and were not disappointed.
They used to be ugly boxes added to roofs as an afterthought.
The problem with inflation is that it needs an additional theory to explain why it occurs and that's ugly.
It is the ignorance and arrogance of confused theoretical physicists which sticks its ugly head here.
Denigrating the self promotion of others as a way of promoting yourself is ugly and sleazy.
Again the nuclear denier religion rears its ugly head.
It's unfortunate this lesson cannot be applied in real life when hypocrisy rears its ugly head.
It is ugly, and slow, but the net result is positive.
Other arts-particularly visual arts-can be ugly and derive much of their power from their ugliness.
It's looking ugly for holiday toy sales, thanks to tighter wallets in a gloomy economy.
And it's shaping up to be as ugly as it is unavoidable.
We could have come out and it really could have gotten ugly.
Without cooling, there are a number of distinctly ugly possibilities.
But one major blemish kept it more geek than chic: that stray-dog-ugly and easily broken external antenna.
But with film or pixels, a flashgun is a harsh and ugly thing.
It was ugly, but it worked, and it was as thin as a case could get.
It's going to be ugly-and potentially fatal to the movement.
State relief is an ugly and messy measure to elevate employment.
His profile is vaguely feral, in a way that makes him look menacing without making him ugly.
If you waited until they were more mature, the new birds would be more likely to fight back, which could get ugly.
And other times soccer is tedious, brutal, and ugly.
If she wins, she will be drunk with power and it will real ugly to watch.
The quest for surefire methods in the art of interrogation has been long, ugly, and generally fruitless.
The ugly insertions are among the devices used to indicate where the quoted material departs from the source.
She writes beautifully about what is ugly and truthfully about what is false.
The audience loves it: illusion that mimics ugly reality.
It was the kind of speech that might have turned ugly events in a productive direction.
It must have been extremely difficult to be the ugly duckling in a family of swans.
When you put the finishing touches on that, as an actor, you don't want to be the one to make it ugly.
Everybody would probably agree that the aughts have been an ugly decade.
But there have been other ugly days in the index's history.
So much of this story is ugly and twisted that it's best to begin with something beautiful and good.
The raw, ugly blisters show up without notice and are unpreventable.
Charges of corruption often figure prominently too, giving an otherwise ugly transfer of power a gloss of legitimacy.
Which is incredibly ugly to look at, and incredibly sweet and tasty.
He owns up to his insecurity, his inability to rein in his ugly side.
Dings, dents, strong odors and ugly stains are all signs that someone has not been treating the car well.
Yes, many of the attacks on the president and his family have been ugly and hateful.
Don't make it ugly or nonfunctional in the name of balancing the books and enhancing your political career.

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