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Chances are, your campus is still the same basically pleasant place it was before all the ugliness.
We need to study our past in all its ugliness as well as its beauty.
When one of those arrangements ends badly, it can escalate into ugliness.
They impoverish human life with all of their noise and their ugliness.
Well, we'd still be exposed to all the ugliness of the global oil market.
Other arts-particularly visual arts-can be ugly and derive much of their power from their ugliness.
And if it is correct that every human has a few new mutations the well of potential ugliness is replenished every generation.
Don't blame all of religion and judge all religious people by the nastiness and ugliness of a few prominent ones.
Ugliness in such professions is a barrier to success.
Gold gives an appearance of beauty even to ugliness: but with poverty everything becomes frightful.
The opposite of art is not ugliness, it s indifference.
And, so sick were people of the shoddy ornaments and drab ugliness of the immediate past, that the slogan won.
It seemed that grotesque ugliness was an invariable character of these islanders.
The best painter in the world, as he was often said to be, seemed intent on rubbing the world's nose in human ugliness.
But demonising bankers will not solve these problems-and may well, if unchecked, bring a lot of ancient ugliness back to life.
The ugliness of the image and diction alike betrays a mental lowness.
Wyld has a feel both for beauty and for the ugliness of inherited pain.
The undeniable ugliness of his portraits of the poor is bound to put off some contemporary readers.
Suddenly, the ugliness of rank sectarianism had been laid bare.
But if you make bad architecture, you impose ugliness on a place for a hundred years.
He also has been struck by violence and by ugliness.
Beneath this peaceful portrait, however, were tremors of future ugliness.
Litter creates ugliness in public places including streets, parks and waterways and impacts real estate values.
With the unified spirit of patriotism often comes the ugliness of discrimination, however.
Filth, ugliness and disease are the result of this unwholesome and unnatural confinement of living creatures.
Executives publicly bemoaned the ugliness of the belts and how they detracted from the car's appearance.
He is in a better place now without all the ugliness that our world faces each and every day.

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One should not publicly display the ugliness of one's family.... more
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