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The ubiquity of digital spectacles and curiosities today is one reason performance art has had its thunder stolen.
One reason is the pernicious ubiquity of credit cards, with punishing rates of interest.
It is easy to overlook the ubiquity of images in the modern world.
And the ubiquity of these creatures throughout the world's oceans makes them a silent sentinel of environmental change.
Twitter and their cousins have evolved from college fad to global ubiquity in seven short years.
Links within the wiki are extremely important, and the ease and ubiquity of linking is what makes wiki useful.
And its ubiquity is proof that every age finds the heroes it needs.
The ubiquity of this phrase was a blight on the linguistic landscape.
Hunt for this well-written piece about the ubiquity of endocrine disruptors.
The ubiquity of e-mail and instant messaging means it takes extra effort to sever ties when a relationship ends.
The extreme of scarcity is intensified by the extreme of ubiquity.
Countless professors have groused about the ubiquity of distracting laptops in the lecture hall.
The trend is spurred by the increasing ubiquity of diverse mobile devices.
Improving on nature, however, is what the banana has relied on for it phenomenal success and ubiquity.
All of the thin-film technologies also offer the potential for ubiquity.
But along with the ubiquity of the machines came security issues.
The piece is no longer common property, so perhaps the once-standard jokes about its ubiquity will bear re-introduction.
The ubiquity of antiviral drugs is one important reason for the improvement.
Every era has its essential consumer products-witness the ubiquity of cell phones and iPods today.
The ubiquity of short text messaging over mobile phones has transformed the written word and even created new literary genres.
The first route to ubiquity is likely to be via the chemical industry.
The ubiquity of computer viruses shows what can happen when technology gets distributed.
In the old days, before the ubiquity of television, tales of distant fighting would have raised little fuss.
The first was the rise, spread and eventual ubiquity of a support infrastructure for cars.
The ubiquity of ancillary services is also dependent on the airline you're flying.
The first is the ubiquity of the freeways, which offer a fast getaway and easy anonymity.
The global housing boom has been unusual in its strength, duration and ubiquity.
And such ubiquity is surely bound, sooner or later, to attract the interest of trustbusters.
They'd mean the magazine covers, the net wealth and the ubiquity.
The first rule for a cult of personality is ubiquity.
In a digital age, the ubiquity of technological images may accustom people to the old-fashioned miracle of illusion in art.
The speed and ubiquity of digital cameras lets them do things that film-based cameras could not.
Despite their ubiquity, cell phones are not known for their ability to take picture-perfect photos.
Yet, despite their ubiquity, they are delicate pieces of equipment.
They may be cheap, but their ubiquity makes some people nervous.
We took the concept of status and mixed it with the ubiquity of texting.
The ubiquity of cow by-products in the modern world is a direct consequence of the ubiquity of bovines themselves.
The transistor sparked the revolution in electronics, setting the technology on its path of miniaturization and ubiquity.
Given its ubiquity, methane may raise hopes, but in the end turn out to be a poor biomarker.
It uses metals and semiconductors, long recognized to be attractive materials because of their ubiquity and resilience.
And it's all thanks to the ubiquity of cell phones--the ultimate data-collection machines.
Lots of people attribute milk chocolate's ubiquity to the proximity of a robust dairy-cow industry.
Which one is best is a matter of grave dispute in a city where caffeine rivals precipitation in ubiquity.
Again, despite the ubiquity of digital devices, the interplay of fire diffused by smoke seemed impossible to commit to video.
But for ubiquity and staying power, one headline device looms above all others.

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