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Example sentences for tyrannical

Bush would never have allowed this tyrannical country to develop the bomb.
He was arrogant and influential, tyrannical and abusive.
Only benevolent governments can fix it by imposing tyrannical mandates to stop the people from behaving irresponsibly.
There is no law against being an obnoxious tyrannical boss, even though thousands of employees probably have fantasized about one.
To think someone's little pistol or shotgun is ample weaponry to overthrow a tyrannical government is silly.
Nor does the overthrow of a tyrannical order instantly make it easy to examine the past.
With plurality, a candidate top-ranked by a majority always wins, hence a tyrannical majority always gains power.
He was criticized by some colleagues and compatriots for being vain, inscrutable, tyrannical and too much the aristocrat.
Still a radical shake-up of a tyrannical system is already in the works.
In my opinion, this film was created to bring awareness to the tyrannical repression of alternative ideas.
He lied to avoid persecution by tyrannical authority.
It is akin to sending billions of foreign aid money to tyrannical dictators abroad under the pretext of feeding the world.
She is coarse and coy, wise and foolish, vulnerable and tyrannical.
We laughed off unsafe working conditions, back breaking labor, tyrannical insane bosses.
Leadership is nothing more than a tyrannical bully mentality.
Some tyrannical managers scream and send out scathing e-mails.
That's a dicey sentiment, consider- ing the tyrannical source.
That's a dicey sentiment, considering the tyrannical source.
But the result is neither lawless anarchy, the war of all against all, nor the tyrannical abrogation of law.
Minorities have increasingly relied on an independent judiciary to protect them from an often tyrannical majority.
After the tyrannical father is killed, the sons continue to follow the dictates with which they had always lived.
To the other people of the world, those bullied by his actions, this would seem tyrannical and unfair.
In contrast, the writers on the revolutionary side universally dubbed it as a tyrannical and brutal police state within the state.

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