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Example sentences for typography

To the rest of us, the world of typography has been a distant and inscrutable place.
It was the first computer with beautiful typography.
Old ways with grammar and typography were also rejected.
Seven artists are featured in this exhibition of works use language, text or typography to convey meaning.
Digital cameras will capture every original detail, from typography to paper surface.
The use of typography is the linchpin to the program.
We've invented a simple syntax that handles basic typography even in plain text.
Although many people don't acknowledge it, they are constantly influenced by typography.
Many web developers don't know much about fonts and typography.
My apologies for the hideous typography of this post.
But modernizing and universalizing typography was only part of their approach to making global design.
Octavo's editions digitally render the typography and placement of text and illustrations as closely as possible to the original.
Architects clamored to build its stations, and typography designers to create its maps and signage.
Rather than comics, it suggests either books about typography or books that contain depictions of gory violence.
Some of my quibbles would be obvious only to typography gurus.
The percussive typography joins the verbal content to aggressive and somehow morally imperative effect.
He selected fine typography and ordered fine bindings in various materials.
The typography forced on us by some brand names bothers me.
And really, when it comes to dining, presentation is everything-even when it comes to menu typography.
Cutline has good typography, but it has its drawbacks.
Go learn spacing, typography and how information should be presented.
But, of course, there is substance behind this war of typography.
Many of her experiments with typography and form are not really innovative.
Color and typography doesn't mean anything, either, he says.
By means of a study of the typography and the chemical composition of the paper, they ascertained it to be a fraud.
From a branding standpoint, there are two proprietary components to the new medallion: its shape and its typography.
One day, one letter: the singular art of typography.
First there are the ones that appeal to typography nerds because of their creator, history, mathematical beauty or whatnot.
The best typography goes unnoticed by the untrained eye, and the reader is left only with the effect of the piece as a whole.
They seem to mark a high water mark in typography and offset printing.
So in typography as in other matters, beauty and clarity are partly a matter of habit and custom.
Jobs developed an appreciation for typography, the style and arrangement of printed characters.
Typography is another cornerstone of our visual vocabulary.
Apply color theory and typography in order to produce high quality designs.
In typography, line spacing is designated as a percentage or multiple of the type point size, or as a point measurement.
The incorrect use of typography creates confusion and undermines the branding image.
Consistent use of typography is essential to creating a consistent user experience.
In addition, they recommended that the designers pursue a more careful composition of layout and typography of the inscriptions.
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