typhoons in a sentence

Example sentences for typhoons

Graduate-advising disasters are the typhoons, earthquakes, and volcanic eruptions of the academic planet.
Jet power plants are simply automatic typhoons, effortlessly blowing hot air.
Typhoons usually pack stronger winds than hurricanes.
What differentiates cyclones from hurricanes and typhoons is where they arise.
Typhoons and other forms of extreme weather are scaring away tourists and giving large cargo ships reasons to seek other ports.
The island suffered alone through typhoons and droughts, diseases and lack of medical care.
When typhoons come ashore, they will leave behind a lot of rain, as they tend to move north.
Additional tube rides simulate typhoons and waterfalls, while a water fort has tipping buckets, turning wheels and water curtains.
The widespread lack of food is largely due to environmental problems such as droughts, flooding and occasional typhoons.
The lake swells from spring snowmelt and precipitation as well as the autumn deluges of typhoons.
These differ from tropical cyclones, such as typhoons and hurricanes, in that they form away from the tropics.
Because of the threat of typhoons, the carpentry curriculum contained in the guide has a strong masonry construction component.
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