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On foot, with a tent and a typewriter in their knapsacks, they toured the whole country.
That's because each key had a bar, parallel to bars from other keys, going into the innards of the typewriter.
He replied on a manual typewriter, he hand corrected his many errors but he went to some trouble to answer, that was obvious.
If a monkey began typing on a typewriter the result would be simple unspecified letters that would convey no information.
High-tech in the world at large was not much more than the electric typewriter.
Crashing his palms on the typewriter keys when he couldn't change the ribbon.
Finally, technology since the typewriter plays an important role in the choice of and maintenance of a system.
When the typewriter was invented, doctors found someone else to type their observations.
Witness the humble typewriter, or the movie camera, or the automobile.
She put in two hours a day at the typewriter, even after receiving the sacrament of the dying.
She worked in the dining room, at a small table that held a manual typewriter.
One space with a word processor is the same as two on a typewriter.
Live with it or get back to your parchment and typewriter.
Back when you picked a font for your typewriter, which you couldn't change, the two fonts were pica and elite.
Sure, you can do those things on a typewriter, but it takes so much more work.
We used this thing called a typewriter, or sometimes a yellow pad to write and scribble our notes and thoughts.
Created out of old typewriter and computer parts, the shoes were fashioned simply out of junk and some glue.
All you had was a typewriter, and no one's going to fall for a credential that's typed.
All you need is a typewriter, plenty of paper, and two or three old almanacs or joke books.
He keeps his typewriter on the tray and gets a lot of work done.
He reserved a typewriter for his letters and private postcards.
If you were a writer years ago, you wrote on a typewriter.
And as with everything that he wrote, it was composed with a two-fingered peck on a typewriter.
Once he wanted to write a novel, and so bought an electric typewriter.
Maybe you sweated over a typewriter or word processor when you worked on your master's thesis in college.
It's so uncomfortable that this usability defect would likely have sunk the prospects of the first typewriter.
His rage came out when he was alone at the typewriter, pounding out copy against deadlines that he almost always missed.
Print and complete the applications using typewriter or pen.
Simply download the form to your computer and print it out so that it can be filled out by hand or by typewriter.
Defendant disputed the fact plaintiff rightfully owned the typewriter.
Nor did the students make different kinds of revisions with a computer than they did with pen and typewriter.

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