typesetting in a sentence

Example sentences for typesetting

It only has to cover the costs of typesetting, printing, and distribution.
When automated typesetting came in, the machines could readily add space throughout the line, and the old practice died away.
Top quality typesetting software is ubiquitous, open-source, and completely free.
Following them prevents expensive typesetting errors and charges for excessive alterations to proof.
We do not offer typesetting services for four-color ads.
Many presses have typesetting done overseas, while others are experimenting with print-on-demand.
He rose through the company ranks from a typesetting trainee to vice president.
The result is lovely to look at: big, glossy pages, colorful quilts and imaginative typesetting.
Writes and corrects original formats to input typesetting commands in computerized photocomposition system.
Intermediate knowledge of typography, and typesetting principles and methods.
When you typeset your brochure later this summer, remove edit notes before typesetting your brochure.
The print shop provides layout and typesetting services of forms, brochures, and annual reports.
Not only did he edit and publish these magazines, but he even did the typesetting.
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