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The pressure for delivery covers all types of steel.
But it is important to distinguish clearly between the two types of doubles.
These are all types, to be sure, but they are made alive and the dialogue is clever.
But soon one notes a change, a new sense of the value of background and of strongly individualized types for characters.
The three types of finished intelligence are: basic, current, and estimative.
Sharks and wolves may no longer be figured as types of prandial haste.
Take advantage of the taller types for the middle or back of borders.
Besides the familiar green sort, you'll find types with yellow or purple pods.
There are two basic types: upright forms useful as shrubs, and prostrate types that will spill down slopes and cascade over walls.
Sweet-fruited varieties need moderate to high heat to form sugars, while sour-fruited types require less heat.
And the leaves of scented types delight our noses with aromas of lemon, mint, and rose.
Deciduous types are valued for fall leaf color or showy fruit.
Compact dwarf or cushion types make tidy edgings, mounds of color in rock gardens, good container plants.
Magnolias include both evergreen and deciduous types.
Various types of boxwood lend themselves to different uses.
They infest a wide variety of plants, including woody types as well as flowers and vegetables.
There are five varieties of peppercorn, four types of cinnamon, and a wall full of curry seasonings.
Students learn about two major types of volcanoes and watch and discuss a video.
Property values don't necessarily suffer when housing types are mixed.
The two main types of solar farm are photovoltaic and parabolic.
Students discuss types of migration and people who migrate.
Students investigate types and examples of intellectual property to understand the importance of it in their daily lives.
Familiarity with digital photography and file types a plus.
They will learn about the different types of freshwater wetlands, and the things that threaten their health.
Two types of cleaners keep your carpet in good condition: spot cleaners and carpet cleaners.
There are two basic types of compost units, both of which you can construct on your own.
Find more in-depth sources about research on shorebirds and other types of marine life.
So indicates research on how well bees distribute pollen across different types of cropland.
Looking at how a star wobbles allows scientists to deduce how many and what types of planetary bodies are in orbit.
But officials determined the animals spotted were actually other seal types.
Ask students to describe the different types of weather they have in their community.
Various choirs display the differing types of vocalization in the region, all wonderful in their respective ways.
Scientists find that some types of sea snake possess homing behavior that may scupper conservation efforts.
The next thing to do is find out what types of habitats exist in your region.
Make a list of the types of habitats near your house or school.
Ask students how these factors influence the types of animals that inhabit a given area.
There are two main types of maps, based on their design purpose.
Describe the types of work and activities people do there.
There are many types of stem cells with varying degrees of flexibility.
Some types can be derived from umbilical cord blood, adult bone marrow, or possibly even adult skin.
Today the term refers to three major types of bags: the rounded or barrel duffel, the squared duffel and the wheeled duffel.
There are many different types of traveler's health insurance.
Single- and double-entry visas are types of visas that fall into all of the above categories.
There are a variety of cabin types, ranging from basic and inexpensive to full-out luxury.
If your points roll over, you can often take different types of vacations by spacing them out and saving up.
Amtrak has five basic types of train vacations, four of which consist of vacation package deals.
Some types of chameleons showed dramatic color differences, others less so.
On top, he may layer a fleece, turtleneck and two types of jackets.
You've written extensively about archaeology, and no doubt met many different types of archaeologists.
But during the war, specific aircraft types and mission roles were developed.
He came to think that the rich and powerful-his triple-A types-played a dual role in society.
These types of cast iron pans are easy to use due to its lightweight quality.
Press a button and the icons begin to throb to a chorus of percussive pops keyed to real data about eruption types and magnitudes.
While it is long dead there is a lot of information on volcanoes and the different types of end results.
The new process may provide an alternative method of modifying certain types of crops in order to, say, improve harvests.
But candidates can be divided, by origin and ideological affiliation, into certain types.
Now it appears such types may also be salient in the virtual world, all because of websites which offer recommendation services.
The result is that a lot of other types of fish, crustaceans and molluscs are caught unintentionally.
Blogs have already accomplished this to a certain degree by encouraging obsessive types.
These types of business rely on developing new products or constantly updating old ones to compete for customers.
Government types now acknowledge that other factors were at work, too.
Adult cells might also be reprogrammed directly, which has been done with some types of pancreatic and heart cells.
The larger something is, the more types of building blocks it uses.
Someone may soon be able to tell what types material are in your pockets from tens, and possibly thousands, of feet away.
But the names and types of ants crawling around city parks and streets are largely unknown to researchers.
But even these old-fashioned types might see the benefits of modern technology.
Television, books, comics and even some types of technology.
Our innards differentiate between types of disgust.
Brain scans and other types of neurological evidence are rarely a factor in trials today.
Revenge actually is sweet: it stimulates the same types of reward centers in the brain that desserts, desire and drugs do.
Direct conversion of cell types could offer safer, simpler treatments than stem cells.
Modern techniques for encrypting information come in one of two types: secret-key encryption and public-key encryption.
Cancer manifests itself in many ways, not only in terms of the types of tissues it attacks, but also in the way it unfolds.
The theory is consistent with the fundamental idea of four groups of particles and three types of reactions.
The bursting blooms of many types of flowers herald the onset of spring.
Now thanks to do-it-yourself types all that has started to change.
Scientists have long been studying the process of how mammalian stem cells differentiate to form specific types of brain cells.
Each of these types work for different people--except for maybe the claiming your work type.
Intuition types want to see what's below the surface.
Changes in the way coaches recruit athletes, and in the types of athletes being recruited.
Publication in peer-reviewed journals is required, as well as authorship of books for certain types of promotion.
Some legislators attended colleges of multiple types.
It would not have blocked colleges from using other types of private-sector recruitment abroad.
The grants regulated by the law have been used more often to help people find jobs than to train them for new types of employment.
Texture and other qualities are not similar for all types of body hair.
There are six types of pork chops, and they are all fine for grilling.
At lunch, business types roll up for tacos of seared beef with feisty tomato salsa.
Well, there are more than four types of taste receptors, so it can't be that.
There are more than four types of neural codes those receptors can send to the brain.
Each of the types in turn included half pecan and half cashew snappers, so there were four varieties in all.
The length of time required for these types of negotiations always seems mind-boggling.
Or where paper types something on itself and sues scissors.
Psychopaths don't exhibit the manias, hysterias, and neuroses that are present in other types of mental illness.
Often, the two types of books were sold at neighboring tables.
The researchers have shown that the method can be used to map out different tissue types and distinguish cancerous tissue.
Many of these methods are specific to certain types of cells and only work with specific molecules.
But physicists' ability to work with both types of waves is limited by scattering effects called diffraction.
There's an important difference between this and other types of computation.
The concept could also be applied to other types of sensing.
Several types of monitors are now commercially available.
To build its microphones, the company has partnered with facilities that fabricate other types of chips.
Tanaka's lab had even shown previously that a single muscle fiber could give rise to several types of cells in a regenerated limb.
Inside the body, the tubes enter various types of cell.
As anyone who even casually follows college football will tell you, these types of systems are despised by real sports fans.
Distinguishing different types of brain injury more quickly could improve treatment.
Certain types of gene circuits can store information over many cell generations, according to a theoretical study.
The gene for this protein can be modified so that it is only expressed in specific types of neurons.
The company's researchers feed algae sugar, which the organisms then convert into various types of oil.
Several types of sight-boosting prostheses are currently under development, with some already being tested in humans.
For one thing, bacteria produce some of the same types of neurotransmitters that regulate the function of the human brain.
But some types of loans are faring better than others.
All wars bring both bad and good news, and stories of both types constantly vie for our attention.
To test how effective various methods are, researchers gave participants two different types of brochures.
Our bodies are made up of hundreds of different types of cells, but stem cells can become all of them.
One of my favorite types of object in the sky are planetary nebulae.
These then grow into all types of blood cells, including the white blood cells of the immune system.
Other types of pain included leg pain, back pain, and headache.
He sees a lot of show business types and also counsels families.
The accuracy is more in the actual locations and types of people rather than in their specific portrayals.
That's what's great about it: you have so many diverse personalities and types of people making movies.
Expect a heady mix of socials and art-world types with the odd celeb thrown in for good measure.
Which is not to say that the same types of people don't re-appear from era to era.
It suits all skin types, even sensitive or dry skin.
It lends itself so well to lurid comic-book types of illustrations.
On the other hand, you'll have to keep up with more maintenance than with other home types.
We decided to try four types of wine to see which made the best match.
Air conditioning and new types of construction have lessened the chance of a cross breeze blowing a door closed.
We tried several types and found a wide range of accuracy and features.
Many types of chili have a laundry list of ingredients, but usually require little effort to throw together.
Creative types, in other words, may be more likely to cheat.
Different types of plans help you get and pay for care differently.
Aircraft designers have designed several wing types that have different aerodynamic properties.
The two main types are small cell lung cancer and non-small cell lung cancer.
Understanding how different types of orders work may make a difference in whether your trade gets executed and at what price.
Section headings include fine examples of several types of calligraphy.
Our civilization produces two types of human being, mechanists and mystics.

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