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In the process they have come up with six new ways of tying a tie.
Tying his drinking problem to academics is missing the point.
Tying an individual teacher's pay to his pupils' test scores raises the spectre of teaching to the test.
We have tried tying things to the door so that they don't come open, but he still finds a way.
Now tying will take away the work of those shoulder area muscles trying to steady these swinging couple.
Cylinder of welded wire and two stakes support a tomato plant with a minimum of tying.
The idea of tying unlimited access to major label music to devices has been gathering more steam.
Simply tying a tight string around the stalk can cause it to fall off in time if there are no bones in the digit.
Advocates should beware, however, of tying too closely a culturally relevant curriculum to academic achievement.
Most experts are still cautioning against tying any specific event directly to emissions of greenhouse gases.
Anchor heavier branches by loosely tying together their stem ends with a piece of twine.
It is clear that, at this point, things need tying together.
Homeownership also impedes the economy's readjustment by tying people down.
In the immediate sense, making these connections and tying things down diminishes the emotional disturbance or arousal.
He told us to stress the plant by tying garden string around several of the branches to choke them.
Tying executives' pay ceilings to workers' salary floor is an internationally established principle of fairness.
Tying that knowledge to the exact genetic sequence will be a big step forward.
Unable to prevent the falls, they came up with the idea of tying safety nets around the tree trunks.
Grading abuses are fostered by tying student evaluations to tenure decisions, salary determinations, and promotions.
Tying the early universe together with strings might provide an alternative explanation for cosmic uniformity.
Hold it together by tying the ribbon in a loose knot or bow at the top.
Tying the two worlds together even more should be the next logical step, with embedded on-screen video links to the actors' info.
Almost four-fifths of those tying the knot were from out of state.
Thanks for tying to help, but my objective is not to understand as physicist understand: that produced the problem.
First, it allowed them to defeat inflation, by tying the hands of their monetary policy.
Put on the apron, tying the ribbon ends in the back.
Even without a railway network, the region is tying itself together.
Tying a long string to a rock, he aimed his slingshot and shot a hive high in a tree, well out of reach of immediate retaliation.
Acids react with carbonate ions, in effect tying them up.
So a herder placed it on a sled, tying it down to hold it secure.
End handles would be useful for tying the bag to the motorcycle.
Tying green travel into college visitation planning is a great idea.
Some sought his blessing by tying colored threads to the chamber's filigreed stone.
So tying literacy to understanding geography was a brilliant idea.
Try tying something around your forehead while you wait for the medicine to kick in.
Moreover, many firms see virtue in tying themselves to a particular cause.
The missing piece now is tying up with the businesses themselves.
The protagonist tying and retying the knot of his own fate.
Tying the two together is a great way to spend a lot of money on future upgrades.
He allowed a tying goal in the last minute of regulation.
My only serious quibble is with the frequent instructional interjections on the art of tying a scarf.
Cut out a length of yarn and pull it through one set of holes, before tying it into a neat bow.
Tying people's health insurance to their jobs also makes it harder for them to switch jobs or set up their own firms.
But the lyrics aren't written in a sense that would make one want to start tying up the noose.
He figured he would get more business by tying two disparate ideas together.
Once the vine has reached the roof, direct its growth horizontally, tying it in place.
The key is a single ligament tying the upper arm to the shoulder joint.
The book then abruptly ends with no concluding section tying the lessons of the book together.
Keep in place with ribbon one-half inch wide, and fasten at one corner by tying ribbon in a bow.
He had fallen into the way of dwelling on such conjectures as a means of tying his thoughts fast to reality.
Intercollegiate athletics programs should be required to justify their expenditures annually, tying them to educational outcomes.
The four-stress, predominantly iambic lines convey a sense of the shuttling of weaving and unweaving, of tying and untying.
There seems to be more tying disperse groups of humanity together than meets the casual observation.
Espial investigations merely leads to more paperwork, tying up lobbying rack earnings.
Then instead of tying this to fractal structure he moved off and that was that.
Others fear marriage in a larger sense, and opt to live together instead of tying the knot at all.
Workfare means tying government welfare benefits to work by the recipients.
And then the novel simply ends, without playing out or tying up the various dangling strands.
Then he goes to work sawing and splitting for the market, tying the shakes in bundles of fifty or a hundred.
We rinsed out surgical gloves and filled them with water, tying them closed.
Similarly, the strategy of tying teacher evaluations to test scores will have predictably negative consequences.
Cruise lines are increasingly tying their appeal to branded amenities and celebrities of the film, television and culinary worlds.
Imagine taking the piece of paper and tying it to the stone.
We are tying our own hands with fear and indecision.
Not tying the need for funds to defense is a tactical error.
It is collected in the same pockets where natural gas is found, tying helium prices and scarcity to fuel prices.
He especially goes a superb job at tying information theory into the intricacies of the second law.
By tying them together, you've changed them from two objects into one.
The window was framed out by bending rebar ninety degrees and tying that to rebar framing the ledge of the window.
She saves her day by tying the ripped ends together.
The panel has a hole at each end for hooking, tying, bungee-ing or screwing in the supplied suction cups.
Tying bonuses to next year's earnings encourages scrimping on investment to buy back shares.
Group pushes tying teacher pay to progress of students.
Fly tying is a fascinating hobby, too, and inspires creativity.
The bed had straps fitted at the top and bottom, presumably for tying people on to it.

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