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Example sentences for twirl

Another gets up from her library chair every five minutes to twirl clockwise three times.
Her fine hands allowed her to flick and twirl the muleta, luring the bull and teasing him, with extraordinary artistry.
Imagine trying to twirl a drum majorette's baton with a weight attached to either side of the centre line.
Guide the sharp stake, and twirl it round and round.
As you twirl the sphere it can seem as if you are inside the sphere looking out at the scene.
It's a trick all right, especially if there's no guiding hand to twirl and ram the skull.
On the stage beside the band two dancers twirl expertly.
Subdivision streets often twirl back on themselves or dead-end, confounding even the best sense of direction.
Seahorses mate for life and every morning the couples come together to dance, change color and twirl around with linked tails.
They also sometimes pick up weeds or a piece of wood with their beaks, twirl in a circle, and smash the object on the water.
They would twirl and walk back to the stage, and that would be the show.
The same principle makes a figure skater twirl more quickly when he tucks in his arms and legs.
If you want, you can twirl the virus, or change its size with a flick of the fingers.
We sit in the same way, twirl our hair, shift our accents or scratch the same spot.
The brininess of preserved lemons brings out the sweetness of the king crab you'll find in each twirl of pasta.
It's a difficult song, she remembered all the lyrics, and she didn't wink or twirl her skirt at the end.
Little dervish snow tornadoes twirl across the blank.
Every morning, as she goes to school, various people twirl her around and lift her into the school bus.
During the winter, the ice skating rink is visited by many who lace up their skates and twirl.
All you do is twirl excess cord around the cord wrap.
While singing, her hands twirl beautiful shapes in the air, as if performing invisible calligraphy.
The leaves grow in a clump and twist and twirl away from the plant's base.
They use their hands to twirl a drill and pound a spile.
He would also wear a roach, a kind of headdress with two feathers that rock or twirl as he dances.
One need not have a ball gown to swirl and twirl nor do one's dance steps need to be perfected.
You'll learn to twirl a drill and pound a spile, and you'll use your taste buds to sample maple syrup.
As your clothes twirl around in the dryer and rub against each other, static electricity builds up.
The conoscopic figure for all crystals is a cross with centre in sight, which disintegrating on a hyperbola at crystal twirl.
With traditional yuletide carols floating in the air, you can twirl to your heart's content.
Take a yo-yo out and twirl it about your head at a constant rate.

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