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Example sentences for twinkle

There's always a twinkle in a science writer's eye when real life imitates art.
His eyes twinkle as he praises the properties of witch-hazel and displays a set of antique razors.
He's got a twinkle in his eye and a mischievous smile, and he tells his tale in the rhythms of a natural-born storyteller.
And there is no battery that's so much as a twinkle in a chemist's eye that can match the energy to weight ratio of liquid fuel.
They blaze into being, twinkle merrily for microseconds, and die.
We know also that celestial objects that are near the horizon will twinkle more than those directly overhead.
Funny furious-he did it all with a twinkle in his eye-but furious.
But geometry, well, there's something about it that brings a twinkle to the eye.
Someone told me that if you see an object in the sky which does not twinkle, it is probably a planet.
If these disturbances are as big as the star, the star will appear to twinkle.

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